What happened to the "formula crosstalk" couple who were supported by Jiang Kun and threatened to replace Guo Degang

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“ Eat a mouthful of Tang Monk's meat and live forever , Scold Guo Degang ”.

This sentence seems to be a joke , But only those who have really practiced , Just know that this sentence is “ truth ”.

Like Dr. Li Hongye of Shanghai Jiaotong University , On the show “ Challenge ” Guo Degang : I don't understand crosstalk , Power for personal gain and so on .

Even holding a self created crosstalk , Threatened to replace Guo Degang .

Because of his extreme remarks , Created by Li Hongye and his wife “ Formula crosstalk ” No fire , Li Hongye and his wife make complaints about Guo Degang's fire .

2018 year , Li Hongye and his wife brought their own “ Formula crosstalk ”, Standing together 《 Cross talk has new people 》 On the stage .

When I first introduced myself on the stage , It is learned that both husband and wife are doctoral students , The two highly educated people make the audience have high expectations of them .

because , A lot of people know that , There are few people with high education in crosstalk .

Take the Deyun society of Guo Degang for example , The class leader Guo Degang has only a junior high school degree , Guo Qilin, the leader of the junior class, has not finished his studies .

Yue Yunpeng 、 Shaobing and others have a primary school education level .

Although their education is not high , But standing on the stage of crosstalk , But with their own efforts to make the audience laugh from beginning to end .

One burden after another , It's very enjoyable .

So , A highly educated couple suddenly came to the crosstalk world , Many people are looking forward to .

And after Li Hongye and his wife came to power , Because their education is higher than that of Guo Degang .

therefore , He started on stage , The whole person's attitude is very arrogant .

Even as soon as he came on stage, he handed Guo Degang three books , After Guo Degang took the book , But Li Hongye was so cold that he said :

“ I guess you don't understand ”.

Wait for the audience to react , Li Hongye started his performance directly , Maybe it's because the audience doesn't accept “ Formula crosstalk ”,

Li Hongye and his wife performed the whole performance , The audience looked embarrassed .

There is no burden , Laugh all the way , But it's common .

After the show , Li Hongye introduced his to Guo Degang “ Formula crosstalk ”, Saying their own formula crosstalk can make people with zero foundation also say crosstalk , And made a set of formulas , Use this formula to calculate when the audience will laugh , How long do you laugh .

Although founded “ Formula crosstalk ” The starting point is good , But the program is not mature , Finally, Li Hongye and his wife did not pass .

And Guo Degang also gave them a word : Art is something , No article, no weapon, no second ,I Existence is right .

Li Hongye doesn't understand why he was eliminated , When I left, I even put down my cruel words :

“ You won't let us live today , It may be us sitting in that position tomorrow ! Let's see ”

later , As Guo Degang said " Existence is reason ", after “ Formula crosstalk ” couple , Because I'm too conceited and arrogant in the program .

By many netizens diss, It really proves that “ Scold Guo Degang ”.

After becoming popular on the Internet , The couple took part in many activities ,

After a performance , After watching their performance, the famous crosstalk master Jiang Kun , I'm very interested in this new form of crosstalk .

With Jiang Kun's support , Li Hongye is floating again :

“ You said my level , How can we not go to the Spring Festival Gala ? How artistic my things are ! I'm not just going to last year , I want to connect 20 year ”.


Li Hongye and his wife , So far, I still haven't given up my “ Formula crosstalk ”, Although less than 2% of the seats are in the business show , Lost a lot of money .

Li Hongye didn't give up , Even more frustrated and brave , Set up their own culture company .

Li Hongye and his wife “ Formula crosstalk ” The form is novel , And they still insist on , I can see that I've worked very hard .

But as Guo Degang said : Existence is reason .

They don't have to highlight their work , Just belittle the traditional crosstalk .

After all , Traditional crosstalk pays attention to storytelling and teasing , It can't be mastered overnight .

therefore , How powerful is your crosstalk compared with others , It's better to practice and improve your works .

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