After the star's endorsement overturned: Wang Han made a statement, Mary P apologized, and Vega was blocked from showing up

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The state vigorously “ Qinglang ” period , Unexpectedly, the hosts of mango station are still having accidents , Qian Feng left because of the scandal 《 Day day up 》 In a few days ,《 Happy camp 》 Li Weijia, the host of the show, got into trouble again .

Click on the hot search , Hanging first is # Li Weijia is suspected of endorsing rollover and being defended by many people # The entry of , Because the tea company endorsed by Li Weijia ran away , Many franchisees have been cheated , So defenders gathered at the gate of Hunan Radio and television building where Li Weijia worked to discuss their views .

Eight of them wear white short sleeves , Write behind your back , Spell out “ Li Weijia lost his virtue as an artist ” A few words , Others shouted on the spot “ Vivia , You lied to me for hard-earned money , have no conscience ”. Some netizens broke the news online , Said that Li Weijia's endorsement was violent thunder , Is knowingly committed .

This is not difficult to understand , Why did the victims unite to protect their rights in this way .

It's been a day since it happened , Both online and offline have been noisy , But so far, Li Weijia has not issued a statement or apology , So far, the media have not photographed Li Weijia's appearance , I don't know whether I'm afraid to come forward or dealing with it silently .

Star endorsement rollover , Li Weijia is not the only one who causes victims to protect their rights , Most of them are really from the hosts of mango station , A fellow 《 Quick copy 》 The host's Haitao overturned one step earlier than Li Weijia , The handling attitude also seems a little indifferent .

Haitao once spoke for a financial product , The financial product company also ran away , Led to 4 More than ten thousand people were cheated , The amount cheated reached 40 Billion . This matter is coming out. , Attract the attention of netizens , Many people asked Haitao to respond .

Netizens also caught up with sister Du Haitao's live studio , Sister Du Haitao's attitude added fuel to the fire :“ You deserves it ! No, what's the matter , No one forced you to buy , Du Haitao didn't go to your pocket to pay

And then soon , Sister Haitao sent an apology , Du Haitao's studio declared that the cooperation had already ended , Words reveal “ It's none of my business ” The attitude of , Du Haitao just made a brief comment , Such an account did not appease too many people at that time , It's over .

by comparison , Wang Han spoke for the treatment after the car overturned , Much better . Before this happened , Wang Han's reputation is excellent , To be respected , After this, the reputation dropped sharply .

A product endorsed by Wang Han , It's also a fraud trap , The number of people fooled is as high as 37 ten thousand people , The amount of money cheated has also broken through 230 Billion , Terror is like this . Most of the cheated are conscientious ordinary people , Difficult to safeguard rights , He also gathered people to hold banners to denounce Wang Han .

Soon after Wang Han was attacked by the crowd , He made a decisive statement , Said he ended his endorsement two years ago , Since then, I have contacted the platform many times to solve the problem , Finally, I apologize to you , Said it would follow up .

The statement is sincere and cautious , In addition, the endorsement time is far from the time of the incident , Wang Han's statement at that time still convinced many people , But word of mouth damage is inevitable .

Earlier, Mai �P Also rolled over on the endorsement , The milk tea brand she spoke for was directly found to have set up a fake website 、 Forged power of Attorney 、 Hire people to queue up, create the illusion of excitement, attract people to join, etc , Finally, the police went out to arrest 90 More than one suspect , The amount of fraud is also as high as 7 Billion .

And as a spokesman, mai �P Naturally, it has also been directly pushed to the cusp of the storm , Mayi �P The studio quickly issued a statement , It indicates that the contract has been terminated at the first time , And actively cooperate to provide clues and information , Other cheated franchisees who have not yet defended their rights can also contact mai �P Studio , Finally, apologize to consumers and franchisees .

Mayi �P Forwarded the studio's statement , Apologize again , And said he would be more introspective and self correcting in the future .

Li Dan also illegally endorsed underwear advertisements , The advertising words are ugly , Full of discrimination against women in the workplace , Finally punished 87 ten thousand .

Nowadays, celebrity endorsements often overturn , But many netizens will defend them , The central idea is , Star endorsements can't control companies that want to run away . Maybe legally , Some stars don't have to take responsibility , But morally , Do these stars really have a clear conscience ?

Xinhua news agency has commented on Star endorsements more than once , Speak frankly about the product “ Rollover ” after , Spokesmen trusted by consumers are difficult to be held accountable ,“ The temptation to speak is too high , The cost is too small after the accident ”.

Netizens' excuses for stars , As experts say , Not that stars have no responsibility , It's just “ Know or ought to know ” The burden of proof is too difficult , The stars have easily escaped many times .

The host of Hunan Satellite TV is now rolling over , It also makes the artist's artistic ethics commitment signed jointly by all people become a joke .

Stars earn endorsement fees , The brand makes money by using the star's credibility , Consumers spend money because they trust stars , Shouldn't stars really take more responsibility ? apologize 、 I don't know the law 、“ I shouldn't care ”、“ It doesn't matter ” Can you really push it off ?

How to regulate star endorsement , Implement the responsibility of star endorsement , Let the stars with credibility no longer fail consumers , It has become a problem to consider now . As for being a reasonable guest now 、“ Sober person ” Netizens who defend the stars , It's time to wake up .

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