Wu Jing was exposed to be injured again. He fell head down from his horse. When he got up, he immediately asked if the horse was okay

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There is a big play this summer , Let everyone pay close attention to , Many people are looking forward to . This work is a movie 《 Changjin Lake 》, This film is starring Wu Jing , The investment is expected to reach 13 $ . The cast is also very luxurious , There is Wu Jing 、 Jackson Yi 、 Duan Yihong 、 Li Chen et al , The director is also very good . Some people predict that the box office will reach 40 Billion , Whether we can achieve , The outside world remains to be seen !

As we all know, movies 《 Changjin Lake 》 It's a National Day gift blockbuster , Based on the actions of the seventh interspersed company of a heroic company and brother troops, it tells the fighting spirit and moving story of ordinary volunteer soldiers in the whole battle . And the movie 《 Eight hundred 》 Have one thing in common , That is to restore the reality of ordinary soldiers , Move the audience in the form of a group portrait .

Some netizens are right 《 Jin Gangchuan 》 There is a dispute about the authenticity of , Some places are not in line with military common sense . But the battle of Changjin lake is absolutely true , And we have won a great victory , Laid the foundation for the final victory . It was extremely cold , The soldiers did not flinch , There are ice sculptures in the history books , It can reflect the bravery and blood of the soldiers , The story must be more popular .

recently , The movie 《 Me and my parents 》 Expose a behind the scenes gag , Wu Jing accidentally fell off his horse while filming a horse riding scene , The head to ground scene is breathtaking . Wu Jing has been a dedicated actor for many years . Netizens who pay attention to Wu Jing know , Wu Jing started as a drama actor , Many film and television works were shot in the early stage , But it has always been in a state of tepid , Until I was in a movie 《 Warwolf 》 It has attracted the attention of many netizens .

《 Me and my parents 》 It's Wu Jingji 《 Warwolf 2》 after , The director's first film , He's in charge of... In the film 《 Take advantage of the wind 》 unit , It's about the Anti Japanese cavalry regiment . Although it's a platter movie , But Wu Jing took it very carefully , Not only is it true to dig trenches , And borrowed 2000 horse , In person , Really shoot, really ride .

In the video, Wu Jing is challenging the magnificent horse war drama , Bending down to train horses, the movements are cool and professional , But because the land was too slippery, the horse fell under his feet , Wu Jing instantly fell a few steps away , The picture is soul stirring and people exclaim , After falling to the ground, he was stuck by props and couldn't move for a moment , After a moment, he trembled to adjust his posture and stood up , Let people worry about it .

However , Unexpectedly, Wu Jing got up , Without considering his injury , The first question is :「 Is there anything wrong with the horse ?」 See this , Master Ru remembered that there was a stream on the Internet before , A little fresh meat was scratched when filming , But he looks like he's dying , Let netizens tease that the wound will heal without going to the hospital . This comparison laments that it is not easy for powerful actors .

Then he told everyone not to let this paragraph out , also 「 Especially not to tell my wife 」, Don't want Xie nan to worry . After a break, Wu Jing continued to shoot , Until the day's shooting plan is completed , He just went to the hospital for a detailed examination .

Actually , Because Wu Jing is an action actor these years , And all the fighting scenes are in person , So Wu Jing, who has been acting for so many years, has already been hurt all over .

earlier , Some netizens once summarized Wu Jing's injury summary records on the social platform . Look at the picture , Wu Jing's whole body sewing needle is up to 100 Multiple needles , Covering the head 、 Face, etc . After watching it, people can't help calling Wu Jing's achievements in the film and television industry today , go by the name of 「 Ten billion Movie Masters 」 Well deserved .

Wu Jing shot 《 Tai chi master 》 Break the left little finger , pat 《 Golden silk rain 》 Hurt by an axe , Bones can be seen in the wound , And shoot 《 Xiao li fly knife 》 Injured retina , Look at the past on this picture , It's full of wound pictures . It can be said that every time Wu Jing makes a play , The hospital needs less beds . Can do this when filming , It's not just the word "dedication" .

Wu Jing himself doesn't care much about the injury , shooting 《 Warwolf 2》 The environmental conditions are quite difficult , Fire shuttle 、 Exciting scenes such as underwater fighting , Boxing to meat , It was all done by Wu Jing himself .

Actually , In contrast, the film and television circles in recent years , Many friends may have noticed , There are fewer and fewer young actors who can last long , As for the reason , In addition to private life , It's not because of being exposed to all kinds of lack of dedication when filming , It was exposed more than before 「 Take a bath with mineral water 」、「 Filming matting 」 wait . therefore , Wu Jing 、 Jackie Chan, who does all his actions himself, can be said to have taught those little fresh meat a lesson .

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