Three months after her divorce from Chen Sicheng, Tong Liya did three things that pointed out the way for divorced women

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Some time ago , Tong Liya posted photos on the Internet to celebrate her 38 birthday , Tong Liya smiles in the photo , Beautiful youth , It looks like a little girl in her early twenties , Who would have thought she was almost forty , Sure enough , Years have always treated beauty favorably , People who are naturally beautiful don't look old . thus , People can't help feeling : Chen Sicheng really doesn't know treasure .

you 're right , Mention Tong Liya , Everyone will inevitably think of Chen Sicheng , Even if the two have been officially divorced , Chen Sicheng also changed from Tong Liya's husband to Tong Liya's ex husband , However, netizens are constantly criticizing Chen Sicheng , The reason is , Because Chen Sicheng was married , Don't know how to cherish , The gossip , That led to Tong Liya who was full of love for him , downhearted , Finally come to divorce .

From victims in the eyes of netizens in marriage to actively announcing divorce , And manage your life and career well after divorce , Tong Liya fought a beautiful turnaround , And what she did 3 thing , It also points out the way for divorced female compatriots .

1 Save enough disappointment to stop nostalgia , Natural and unrestrained separation

Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng because 2010 Shoot together in 《 Beijing love story 》 when , With the help of Yang Mi, we came together , On 2014 A wedding ceremony was held in , On the wedding invitation at that time “ Crazy love life ” It's impressive , Why are you 2021 year 5 In June, they announced their divorce , It is different from the dismay and regret of other stars when they divorce , The news of Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng's divorce , Netizens cheered , Congratulations to Tong Liya on staying away from the scum man , Return to single .

In the entertainment industry for many years , I don't know when to start , The public's evaluation of Chen Sicheng has become conceited , greasy , Indecent , Infidelity in marriage , As a director , Chen Sicheng has talent , Many films directed by him have achieved good box office results , But the wind rating has been poor , Say the amazing theory of polygamy , Swear at children , Extreme conceit , narcissism .

The most important thing is not to be clean , Unfaithful to marriage , After marriage 7 year , It's been rumored many times , And every time , Tong Liya will defend Chen Sicheng , Even the host asked her , Betrayal of husband's body and soul , What kind of ? Tong Liya said “ If only he could go home ”, Just when netizens thought Tong Liya would endure for love all her life , She was the first to announce a divorce , Maybe I was waiting for the other party to change his mind , But when disappointed to a degree , No longer nostalgic , Leave smartly .

It is said that marriage is like drinking water , It's bitter or sweet. I feel it myself , Like an article cheating , Mayi �P That's what I said , Marriage is not easy , And cherish it , When you save enough disappointment , Get out of the way , Give yourself a pure and free . Like the recent hit show 《 The children of the Qiao family 》, Qiao Simei, played by song Zuer , In the face of Qi Chenggang's cheating , Forgive many times , Once you give up , Eight horses can't be pulled back .

2 Raise children in harmony and friendship

In recent days, , Some netizens photographed Liyan Tong and Chen Sicheng taking their children to the Universal Studios , Love may not be perfect , But for children to have a happy childhood , They are not as old as the divorce of other stars , Still friends after breaking up , Family after divorce , That's beautiful , It's hard to do , Most of them are like Yang Mi and Hawick Lau , Like Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng, there is almost no interaction .

However, Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng are the most reluctant “ family ”, But it did . Even a divorce statement , Chen Sicheng also called Tong Liya and her son his favorite people , It's just another kind of identity guard , Even Tong Liya's birthday , Chen Sicheng shouted intimately : Mother blossoming , Happy birthday, . I think , The reason why they didn't tear their faces , Largely for the children , Keep the surface peace .

The greatness of parents is , In order that children can endure thousands of hardships , Like mai �P article , Li Xiaolu, Jia Nailiang , Although divorced , But occasionally they show up together , Play with children , Attend all kinds of important occasions in life together , After all, the failure of marriage is an adult thing , What can a child do wrong ?

3 Strive to grow into a better self

Tong Liya, who is with Chen Sicheng, is not confident , A timid and soft look , Maybe it has something to do with her native family , think that women are inferior to men , Husband centered , Married life is also dominated by family , No ambition for career , Take your children with you even if you go out to work , Even smiling, it seems a touch of bitterness .

And Tong Liya after the divorce , It turns on “ The great mistress of the Jedi counterattack ” Script , Concentrate on your career , From the previous “ Beauty knows nothing ” To the present “ Beauty knows very well ”, A whole new person , Cool confidence , host 、 variety 、 dance , Film and television are blooming everywhere , A higher level of career , Who doesn't like Tong Liya who is so positive , So whether the marriage is successful or not , Women should constantly enrich themselves , Strive to grow into a better self .

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