Please, the official declares Li Qin as the female leader, and it's time to lose the old fan of Qingnian 2

Oriental Infotainment 2021-09-15 08:24:49

《 Celebrate more than 2》 There has been no movement since the official announcement , But as the first female host, Li Qin , But one play after another . Worked with Zhang Yishan 《 Dear you 》 after , Recently, another new play was announced , like 《 Celebrate more than 》 Old powder of , Another lost hand .

《 Please 》 Guanxuan men's and women's main lineup

The name of the play played by Li Qin is 《 Please 》, Listen to the name, there is a feeling of ancient costume drama , But it's not .《 Please 》 It is a work of national theme , It mainly tells the story of the past and present lives of men and women , The plot also involves “ Spirits ” Aspect material , This has made netizens ready to move before the official shooting .

In recent days, ,《 Please 》 Guan Bo has posted the posters of Guan Xuan , The official announced the cast of the male and female stars of the play , Success has attracted the attention of everyone .

(1) Let Jialun be the man

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