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That's the truth “ With energy ”

Big rivers embrace it

Mountains, rivers and forests love it

The dream Aurora surrounds it

Its story must be told slowly  



Harbin Nangang development zone is brightly lit

God seems to have a special preference for this land

Exotic animals are produced here


  Red crowned cranes in Zhalong National Nature Reserve, Heilongjiang Province


Mountain sable

Yizhuang ginseng

Healthy bone pilose antler



The majestic northeast tiger in winter

There are bears in the cave

There are tigers in the forest

There is a dragon in the name



Colorful Heilongjiang

This is north of Shanhaiguan

The Northeast in the Northeast

Out of this black land

In the last century 30 years “ The God of literature Xiao Hong wrote

The flowers are in bloom , It's like waking up



Flying Red crowned cranes

The bird flies , It's like walking in the sky

The insect called , It's like a bug talking

Everything is alive

What to do , Just do what

How about , Just like that


 picture Harbin Bund Wetland Park

The flowers, birds and insects on Longjiang land are so

So do people

The created Longjiang economy is even more so

Dare to think and dare to do

dare to do everything

As the central city of Longjiang area

The core city of international cooperation in Northeast Asia


  The brightly lit Harbin Grand Theater

Harbin is a spy on Heilongjiang's economy

Great perspective

Counterpart Shenzhen 、 Copy experience 、 Lead Longjiang

Shenzhen ( Harbin ) The industrial park is full of energy



A high-grade office building somewhere in Harbin


Huawei 、 Zhengwei 、 The Great Wall 、 vanke 、 Safety

Well known enterprises have settled in

The total investment exceeds 100 billion

Nanyan returns to the North

Both sides are happy


  Ice and snow world

     Digital Longjiang in economic construction

Ran out of his acceleration


 5G information superhighway

5G Longjiang economy of the times

Digital construction is in full swing

Industry digitalization

Digital industrialization


  The vitality of the city lies in the lights of thousands of houses

The northernmost national new area, Harbin new area

Try first

Dare to try

     Build a smart new area demonstration project

Smart city big data center

Turn into the digitization of e-government

“ The central brain

12 A cloud platform


Laying e-government 、 City matter Association 、

International interconnection 3 Open the net

Little things don't come out

Big things don't come out of the community

The government 、 Enterprises 、 All residents benefit

Network freight Digital Industrial Park in bungalow District

Coming into operation

JD.COM 、 COFCO and other large enterprises

Help the development of Longjiang logistics

   The digital Longjiang is remarkable



A glimpse of the Songhua River Bridge in Harbin

The construction of cross-border clusters between China and Russia was accelerated

Standing in Heihe City

You can see the other side

Blagovishensk, Russia

If you take a boat

10 You can cross the river and leave the country in minutes



Sino Russian Heilongjiang bridge , It is a bridge of friendship

Due to its unique location advantages

Heihe district

The planning of Heilongjiang pilot free trade zone

Assume the responsibility of building cross-border clusters between China and Russia

The trade management of digital border people mutual market has achieved fruitful results

Harbin area exploration

“ International collaborative incubation Pattern



China ( heilongjiang ) Harbin area of the pilot free trade zone

Set up an offshore incubator in Moscow

Suifenhe area

Vladivostok port, Russia

The sea reaches the ocean

Industrial linkage development in the three areas

Use three ten thousandths of the land area


whole province 12% The import and export value of goods trade


 picture Night view of Harbin City

Heilongjiang in the impression

Beautiful, rich and thriving



The afterglow of the setting sun spread over the water , beautiful

Heilongjiang in reality

Dazzling and dazzling

The sky is high, the clouds are wide, and the wind whispers

Snow and ice form the original



In winter, the forest cabin in Heilongjiang has a special interest

On the vast ice sheet

Open the mine

Industry shakes three times

Black gold graphite ( Alkene ) Lead the way

China's Graphite reserves

     Longjiang accounts for more than 60%



Graphene structure diagram

China Baoan Group

Harbin Institute of Technology

Tangshan Jianhua industrial group

Take the lead in building an industrial park here

It is planned to build a 10 billion level industry 、

100 billion level industrial clusters



  Harbin Qunli Bund Park

The government set up a platform for enterprises to sing

Sun Island is a witness


  Harbin Sun Island The beautiful scenery in the park makes people relaxed and happy

Many entrepreneurs come here

Share insights

Government and enterprise elites

Passion collides with wisdom

Stimulating endogenous power

Break a new path of revitalization

The new age new economy New development

Seek the living source of Longjiang innovation

Looking forward to a new blueprint for the future

The early imagination became

Today's Longjiang reality



Ha Erbin Songhua River Railway Bridge

The potential of scientific and technological resources is gradually released

Investment in high-end projects “ '

Entrepreneurs have crossed mountains and seas

Go north to look for opportunities

  Longjiang's economy is becoming more and more With energy


The scenery along the river in Harbin

First class business environment

Like a fertile grassland with water and grass

Enterprises are like horses

When the grassland is beautiful

Fine horses will come in droves

Today's Longjiang economy

Both go out Chasing horses

Also sink down Want to buy


  Harbin Dragon Tower

Xinhuanet United

Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Commerce

Harbin Municipal People's government

9 month 15 Japan -17 Japan

host 2021 Annual meeting of Chinese entrepreneurs on Sun Island

Endeavour the 14th Five-Year Plan

Open up a new pattern



Harbin Ice and snow world ice and snow Tunnel

Special guest of this annual meeting

Government leaders

The leader of the leading enterprise

Well known experts and scholars in the economic field at home and abroad

Heavyweight guests gathered

A clash of views Wisdom collides Thoughts are surging



Harbin concert hall

Sing the new era of Longjiang economy

That's the truth “ With energy

Supervise the manufacture of : Yang Yu

planning : Liao Wei

copy : Sun Guangjian

picture source : Publicity Department of Harbin municipal Party committee 、 Vision China



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