[Shimei said] who changed the taste of the "parent committee"?

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“ Is there any temporary worker in the world who doesn't get paid and makes special efforts ?”
“ Yes , Members of the family Committee !”

lately , Two things about the school family Committee have become news : The second grade family Committee of a junior middle school in Shenzhen launched the parents of all classes to give gifts to teachers , The person in charge openly urged the progress of gift giving , Later, it was stopped by relevant departments ; Fuzhou Municipal Bureau of Education issued a notice , It is strictly prohibited for the family committee to collect “ Class fee ”、 organization “ Thank teacher feast ”, Or give gifts and securities to teachers in any name .

The stale family Committee has once again aroused social concern .

Comments from netizens and responses from the local Education Bureau ( Picture source : People's Daily online )

2012 year , The Ministry of education has issued a notice , It is proposed to establish family committees in kindergartens and primary and secondary schools across the country . The notice clearly defines the responsibilities of the family Committee : Participate in school management ( Including giving opinions and suggestions on the school work plan and important decisions 、 Support and cooperate with the school 、 Supervision and improvement )、 Participate in Education ( Including giving full play to the professional advantages of parents 、 Give full play to the resource advantages of parents 、 Provide educational resources and voluntary services for students to carry out extracurricular activities )、 Communicate between school and family .

The original intention of this system is to build a bridge between home and school . But some schools are in the process of implementation , Let the family Committee change its flavor .

Shimei interviewed some parents of students . Parents say , In reality, the focus of the work of the family committee is simplified to “ Unconditionally support all the work of the school ”.

For example, Ms. Hua, the parent of a primary school in Beijing , Who is 3 Late to children's school “ Work overtime ” sanitization . Because the child's class has changed to a new classroom , But the last class left a lot of garbage , The walls are not clean . therefore , The head teacher found the family Committee , Ask everyone to help improve the appearance of the classroom . The school wants to find parents to do more worry free , It costs money to find a cleaner outside . therefore , In line with “ The school shouted , We can only do ” State of mind , Ms. Hua reports to the school every day after work , Clean the children's classroom .

The middle school family committee also let . Ms. Xu, a member of a middle school family Committee, told Daomei , Her child's class family Committee has a clear division of labor , In addition to the president and vice president , And special responsibility for safety 、 organization 、 Members of the Publicity Committee . There's a lot of daily work , such as Beautify the classroom 、 Organize various campus events 、 Choose performance costumes for students 、 Typesetting and making class culture wall etc. .

Since I'm so tired , Why join the family Committee ?

Some parents say , The child entered the new school , Parents can strengthen communication with teachers through family Committees ; Some parents plan to , By working for the class , You can give your children extra points in front of the teacher ; Some primary schools simply put all the children whose parents join the family Committee as class cadres , The teacher's reason is very good : “ The child's parents do this and that in the family Committee , What does it mean to be a class cadre ?”

A member of a primary school family Committee “ Eager to help beautify the classroom ”. Picture source : The Internet


The family committee is not so easy to enter . Ms. Liu, a member of the family Committee of a high school in Wuhan, told Daomei , The family committee is not easy to enter , After you go in, you have to do everything you can to show , Work harder than work .

A few years ago, the media reported that , Several parents of a primary school in Shanghai sun out in order to join the family Committee “ God's resume ”“ God ”.“ Do... In well-known foreign enterprises HRD、 A well-known investment bank investor , I've seen all these parents' resumes . Although exaggerated , but With a master's degree 、 Many parents running for job titles are true .” Ms. Liu said .

Parents of a primary school in Shanghai sun out “ God's resume ”. Picture source : The Internet

In practice , Some schools deliberately blur the boundaries of the responsibilities of family Committees , Under the “ Good for children ”“ Support school work ”“ Children's education cannot be undertaken by schools alone , Parents have to share ” Other reasons , Unlimited amplification of parental responsibilities , Turn parents into volunteer workers for school chores .

Not long ago , Some island friends left a message saying , I'm just an ordinary railway worker , As a result, the teacher knew , therefore , Every time a teacher's relatives and friends take a bus , All asked him to give special treatment ; Some island friends said , Clean the classroom by yourself at school 、 Sanitary area , As a parent, you have to clean the classroom for your children 、 Sanitary area .

What is more , In the eyes of some family committee members , Today's hospitality , In exchange for children being treated differently in school 、 Take a high look 、 Turn on the small stove , So in the name of home school collaboration Gift giving 、 Dinner, please 、 Swap resources .

Recently, a parent of junior high school on the Internet said , Teacher's Day is coming , The chairman of the family Committee in the class sent a message in the group saying ,“ The family committee decided , Prepare gifts for the main subject teacher , Estimated cost 2000 multivariate , Tens of yuan per capita , Inform parents that ”.

The parent is very dissatisfied : Students prepare some flowers by themselves 、 Make a small gift for the teacher for the holiday , It's human nature ; Now the family Committee suddenly makes a decision , Ask for donations , Do you have to give it to every festival in the future ? Do you still have to invite the teacher to dinner ? I don't want to send , The family committee must not regard me as a thorn in the head , Encourage the teacher to wear small shoes for my children ?

And the family Committee put forward , Parents raise money to set up class Scholarships , Used to reward “ Good grades 、 Great progress 、 There are outstanding deeds ” Of the students . Mr. Wang, the parent, was very confused : Does it depend on scholarships to reward such a young child ? What about the remaining money at the end of the semester ? Some parents donate more , Will teachers let their children “ There are outstanding deeds ”? The ultimate beneficiaries of this proposal are often the members of the family committee who initiated the initiative first , Other parents are reluctant , But because of the children , Can only dare to be angry but dare not speak .

These are typical coerce effects .

A family Committee proposed that parents donate money to set up scholarships . Picture source : The Internet
3、 ... and

A stale family Committee , It is undoubtedly the concentrated embodiment of the abnormal family school relationship .

For a long time before the family committee system was popularized throughout the country , There is indeed a lack of positive interaction between home and school . Especially in the era of no mobile network , Home school communication mainly depends on children's oral transmission ,“ A false Proclamation ” It happens from time to time . At that time , Parents are also willing to entrust all their children to the school :“ My bear child is not obedient , Shoot when you need to .”

Why has the relationship between home and school changed ? Some people say , Because there are more and more only children , The hope of the whole family rests on one child , In the past “ cage-free ” It certainly won't work ; Some people say , Children are becoming more and more expensive , The school dare not strictly control , I'm afraid I'll take responsibility for something , So he pulled the parents in “ To build ”“ Teach together ”; Others say , This is due to the social atmosphere , Schools are competing for resources , Teaching and educating people instead “ Retire to the second tier ”, So look for “ Have the ability to ” It is inevitable for parents to do things ……

Whether parents expect to give their children “ Take a shortcut ”, Or the school wants “ Change resources ”“ Looking for labor ”, Turn the family committee into “ School temporary workers organization ”“ Disguised small circle fraternity ” etc. , Have deviated from the essence of Education , It also affects educational equity .

Parents play an important role in the process of children's education , It is understandable that parents' representatives should appropriately participate in major school decisions and educational and teaching activities in an appropriate way . But how to clarify the boundaries , What's your job 、 What is cross-border , There should be a clearer delineation . If the rights and responsibilities are not clear , It's easy to become a confused account , Or in vain , Or more free chores , Or it becomes a benefit exchange between rich and powerful parents and schools .

The problem with the family committee is obvious , You can't change it . By rectifying the family Committee, we can straighten out the relationship between home and school , It's also a way to reduce the burden .
writing / Dian Cang Ju
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