Xi Jinping sends congratulatory message to Korea on National Day 73rd anniversary to Kim Jeong-eun

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9 month 9 Japan , General secretary of the CPC central committee 、 President Xi Jinping on the Korean National Day 73 General secretary of the Korean workers' Party 、 Congratulatory message from state councilor Kim Jong Un .

Xi Jinping pointed out in his congratulatory telegram. , Establishment of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea 73 Over the years , The Korean workers' Party United and led the Korean people in their unremitting efforts , Great achievements have been made in promoting the cause of socialism . As comrades and friends , We are sincerely happy about this . At present , The Korean people are thoroughly implementing the decisions and arrangements of the Eighth National Congress of the Korean workers' party , We will make every effort to promote economic and social development . I believe that under the strong leadership of the Central Committee of the Korean workers' Party headed by Comrade General Secretary , The Korean people are united and forge ahead , It will certainly build the country better .

Xi Jinping emphasized , The traditional friendship between China and the DPRK has been strong for a long time , It is a common treasure of both sides . In recent years , I have maintained close communication with the general secretary , Leading the steady development of China DPRK relations , Gratifying results have been achieved continuously , It has added new connotation to the traditional friendship between China and the DPRK . I attach great importance to the development of China DPRK relations , We are willing to work together with the general secretary , Promote the steady and long-term development of bilateral friendly and cooperative relations , Constantly take a new step , Better benefit the two countries and two peoples .

source / The xinhua news agency

The original title / Xi Jinping on Korean National Day 73 Congratulatory message to DPRK supreme leader Kim Jong Un on the anniversary

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