Read (don't) understand the meta universe!

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There are new terms on the hot search !

What is “ Meta universe “?

What's the fire ?

What does it have to do with me ?


Who lit the fire , It's a big factory !

8 month 29 Japan ,VR startup Pico( Look at the birds ) Guanxuan company was acquired , The market estimate is 90 One hundred million yuan .



Facebook announce 5 Within the year, it will become yuancosmos company , Microsoft announces enterprise metauniverse solution , tencent 、 NVIDIA and other giants have arranged this popular track ; Even the movies on show 《 Out of control players 》 There are “ Meta universe ” Label , Box office profits .

It's no exaggeration to say , Investors all over the street are looking for “ Meta universe ” The subject of , Enterprises or products are pasted with “ Meta universe ”, Immediately attracted attention . even to the extent that , It has been blown that it is :

The ultimate form of the Internet !

The highest form of human digital survival !

After listening, I couldn't help taking a breath , Direct call :

good heavens

It's really “ A small universe broke out ”, Or did you talk about air ?


What is the universe ?

Of course , The meta universe is still There is no clear definition drop .

ok , Said a lonely ……


As early as 1992 year , American science fiction writer Neo · Stevenson in his 《 An avalanche 》 in , Describes a network world parallel to the real world : Yuan Jie .





People in the real world are “ Yuan Jie ” There is a virtual avatar .

“ Meta universe ” English is called “MetaVerse”, namely , A virtual universe beyond reality . The concept of hot speculation in recent years VR、AR、 Blockchain 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Virtual currency …… It's all a link here .


Many people should have seen movies 《 No. 1 player 》, among “ Oasis ” The game is like a meta universe —— People use helmet equipment , Connect consciousness to the parallel virtual world .

Experiencing , Vision 、 auditory 、 Tactile sensation 、 The sense of smell , There are .

Does it look similar? “ The script kills ”?

However, this is only a minority game , If you are in the big virtual space of mobile Internet , future , Countless people can hold a press conference in the meta cosmic era 、 A concert 、 production 、 consumption ……

Take up a “ Meta universe ” For the primary form of ——

because 2020 Annual epidemic , The University of California, Berkeley, can't hold a graduation ceremony , The school decided to play “ My world ” In the middle of , Built a virtual world with the same height as the real campus , The students came to the ceremony as virtual characters , Waiting for graduation .

Online life after the epidemic , Let's fully experience that you can eat, drink and have fun without leaving home 、 Go to work 、 Go to school . future , When more and more physical infrastructure moves to the online virtual world , There are millions of people around the world 、 Tens of millions of people live in the meta universe , Ecosystems are getting richer , People's life is likely to be the coexistence of real life and meta cosmic life .

No gain, no rise , The giants did it with real money , A certain It's profitable .


How the universe was built ?

2021 year 3 month , American game companies Roblox Top “ The first strand of the meta universe ” Halo successfully launched , The market value quickly doubled 10 times .

Roblox Claim that a meta cosmic product should have eight elements : identity 、 friend 、 immersion 、 Low latency 、 diversified 、 Whenever and wherever possible 、 The economic system 、 civilization .

even so , The meta universe still lacks a clear definition . The current preliminary consensus on the meta universe is that , People's social networks , From the planarized 1.0、2.0 Time , Three dimensional 、 Immersive 3.0 The times are moving forward .

stay 3.0 Time , In addition to people to people social , And a lot of games 、 video 、 music 、 office 、 Virtual goods 、 Virtual real estate 、 Virtual economic system .

A reality based large-scale 3D Online world , From changing games to changing social , From changing payments to changing the world .

The wind is coming , You can't just blow the pig into the sky , We still have to do this meaningful thing in a down-to-earth manner . Building a meta universe in reality , The preconditions must be a lot of 、 New infrastructure construction , We need to advance the layout . An example is the end of the last century , Construction of information superhighway , It has inserted the wings of take-off for science and technology interconnected enterprises .

Limited by technology , The meta universe will not come overnight .

and 5G、VR、AR、 Cloud computing 、 Big data and so on are only a small part of many links in the meta universe , It needs long-term construction , And need users to adapt . Because whether a new technology can be popularized , It also depends on whether ecology is established , Including huge hardware and software systems , More people's needs .

If these assumptions are verified ,“ Meta universe ” The age will be the age of great navigation 、 The industrial revolution 、 The space age is of great significance .


The ultimate question : Internal volume , Or the sea of stars ?

《 Trisomy 》 There is a conclusion in : There are two roads in front of mankind , One way out , To the sea of stars , An inward , To virtual reality .

Liu Cixin believes that the future of mankind lies in the former way , The latter path will lead to involution and destruction .

The emergence of the universe , There are important points to note ——

Blockchain characterized by decentralization 、 The rise of technologies such as digital currency , Globalization has stagnated or even regressed , Human beings are looking for new contact and communication mechanisms , Looking for new ways to allocate resources , In self-organization 、 Re establish a set of rules of the game .

The inner volume of the real world causes the emergence of the above concepts , An important objective reason for being paid by many people .

From investors 、 From the financier's point of view , Under the background of user growth bottleneck and intelligent wave ,“ Meta universe ” The story well meets the expectations of imagination .

Between the old and the new order , It is still inseparable from the innovation of those responsible for order 、 Strike a balance between ethics and regulation , We still need the technology platform to grasp the degree between telling stories and doing practical things .

After all , The tide always recedes , After retreating , You'll know who's swimming naked .

Technology is always the driving force for human society to move towards a better future .

In the era of Internet and mobile Internet , It greatly improves the efficiency of human communication and life Welfare .

At present ,“ Meta universe ” The application of is still in the primary form , Some enterprises simply treat their development as a game platform , The development of the industry needs more long-term macro planning .

《 A brief history of future 》 put questions to ——

“ If you can create thousands of false worlds , There is only one real world in the world , How do you determine , The world we live in now , It's one in ten million true ?”

This is a profound and open question , Doesn't the new universe roll inside ?

Unfortunately , We have no answer for the time being .

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