Typora + nut cloud + nodejs + picgo + gitee build a cloud note environment

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use Typora It's been a while , The experience is not bad , But it doesn't implement cloud notes , One of my frequent writing scenes is that an article will be revised at home and in the company , After the company saves it, you can open the file at home and continue writing . Hence the article , Record the construction process of the cloud note environment .

Environment configuration

The mashups required for this environment are as follows :

  • Nut cloud A cloud storage service platform , Used to cloud store articles . Personally, I think the free version ( Upload 1G/ month , download 3G/ month ) Enough for regular use
  • Typora a Markdown Editor , Used to write articles

In fact, the combination of the two can already realize a simple cloud note taking environment, except for the pictures in the article

  • Gitee A code hosting platform , Used to create a drawing bed
  • PicGo A picture upload tool , Used to achieve in Typora Automatically upload pictures to our drawing bed
  • Node.js One JavaScript The engine of , yes PicGo Operating environment


Create a new cloud synchronization folder

If you haven't Nut cloud account number , Then go first register
Download the client after registration , Sign in , Create a new synchronization folder locally , Used to synchronize notes



Download it Typora I'll set it up later Startup options by Open the specified directory , Point to the synchronization folder created earlier , So the notes can be automatically synchronized to Nut cloud


stay Gitee Create a drawing bed warehouse on

Before that, if you haven't Gitee account number , Then go first register After the registration is completed and the login is successful , Build a new warehouse


Warehouse name is optional , Choose open source , Check initialize warehouse , Check set template and Readme file


Remember the complete warehouse name , The following configuration PicGo It's time to use


After the drawing bed warehouse is created, you also need to create a private token , Click here


Check projects that will do


Be sure to copy the created... Before closing the window token


Come here Gitee The drawing bed warehouse in is created

PicGo To configure

Start configuration at PicGo Must be installed before Node.js, The specific installation method will not be repeated here , To download LTS edition Just install the installation package
Install well Node.js You can use it later npm To download PicGo The bag of , Open the command line tool to execute

npm i -g picgo
 Copy code 

install gitee-uploader

picgo install gitee-uploader
 Copy code 

To configure uploader

> picgo set uploader
? Choose a(n) uploader gitee *** Keyboard up and down key selection gitee***
? repo: tech-tricks/picbedrepo *** The drawing bed warehouse created above ***
? branch: master
? token: *** The private token created above ***
? path: img/
? customPath: default
? customUrl: https://gitee.com/tech-tricks/picbedrepo/raw/master
[PicGo SUCCESS]: Configure config successfully!
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Use uploader

> picgo use uploader
? Use an uploader gitee *** Keyboard up and down key selection gitee***
[PicGo SUCCESS]: Configure config successfully!
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To configure Typora, open preferences Inside Images
When inserting a picture choice To upload pictures
Upload service choice Custom Command command Input [your picgo path] upload
You can execute the following command line to get Node.js Installation path for

npm config get prefix
 Copy code 


Here's my configuration


Click on it. Verify image upload options


So this is the process of building the cloud note environment


The environment construction is slightly cumbersome , If there are multiple terminals, each terminal needs to have this environment , So it needs to be built many times , I'm in my company PC、 of one's own unit PC、 A laptop computer was built once , But overall, it's quite comfortable to use .

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