Yao Chen's private clothes are really international. His windbreaker folds his shirt like a supermodel. 40 + women learn

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A truly elegant woman is better than temperament , Not fancy clothes , They are good at handling “ degree ”, Will also calm their temperament through the combination of complexity and simplicity , Like Yao Chen, the goddess of temperament , This time, I wore a colored Plaid windbreaker with black-and-white interior , It integrates casual wear , It completely shows the strong charm of a big woman , She also let us know , Colorful coats can also be very regular and beautiful . Yao Chen's private clothes are really international , A windbreaker folds a shirt like a supermodel ,40+ Women learn !

First:( The advantages of windbreaker coat )

Facing the coming early autumn season , Have you prepared a windproof windbreaker coat in your wardrobe ? Windbreaker is a must for fashionable mature women , It has a wide version , Strong warmth retention , And suitable for all ages , Applicable to a wide range of people , You can wear it freely to highlight the fashion and clarify the waistline , You can also outline your waist with a belt , Create a strong feminine flavor .

Second:( The integration of colored grid patterns )

Yao Chen chose this windbreaker coat with a full sense of design , It incorporates a colorful check print , In multiple colors , Split in white , This brings a sense of squareness both horizontally and vertically , So that these colors can be more perfectly intertwined , Autumn atmosphere is strong , thus , Even if there are many colors on the body, I'm not afraid to wear a fancy feeling .

Third:( Black and white inside “ To simplify ”)

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