Qi Wei competes with her daughter lucky. Lee Seung Hyun's answer makes her laugh and cry

Oriental Infotainment 2021-09-15 08:20:22

There are many star couples in the entertainment industry , Although I already have children , But in most cases, it's because of unmarried pregnancies , So in order to give the child a hukou or something , Will choose to get married . But when they get along for a long time , The feeling has faded , Entertainment stars are the fastest to break up , however , It's not true that there are no such Fairies in the entertainment industry .

Xiaobian is actually very optimistic about the Qiwei couple , Qi Wei's husband is a Korean, Lee Seung Hyun , The two of them have known each other for several years , Finally decided to get married and have children . When Qi Wei and Lee Seung Hyun got married , Not pregnant with little lucky, But after their wedding , It took months to announce the good news of pregnancy .

Qi Wei's daughter doesn't operate as usual in the entertainment industry , Good news from 、 Announce marriage , Less than a month before the child is born , The stars in the entertainment industry don't seem to have very full-term children , But Qi Wei and his wife are quite normal , Including after Qi Wei gave birth to a baby , What she said in front of the media , They are also very convincing , such as , Qi Wei also teaches you the way to resist the husband .

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