Can "my bargain Queen" hold the banner of viewing? Two slot points and two highlights are the key

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With the end of the summer vacation , A large number of TV dramas with high popularity, such as 《 Black storm 》、《 The children of the Qiao family 》 Are nearing the end or the curtain is over , meanwhile , Updated by forest 、 Wu Jinyan 、 Starring Wu Qilong and others 《 My bargaining queen 》 Online Oriental satellite TV , Judging from the current ratings , The early performance is not brilliant , And whether the stamina can support the play , These two bright spots and two groove points play a decisive role .

The first highlight is the theme , Novel themes are the primary factor to arouse the audience's desire to understand .《 My bargaining queen 》 Adapted from a novel of the same name , In the current film and television drama environment , The lack of original scripts leads to the prevalence of adapted scripts , This is not unusual , The key is to choose . For example, the fairy Xia fantasy drama popular in the past two years 《 Fragrant honey 》、《 whirlwind 》 wait , Conform to the big explosion of the east wind , And these two years , More popular workplace drama , In many big bang dramas, there is a characteristic —— The proportion of workplace plays has increased , Such as 《 A home 》、《 The ideal city 》 etc. .

that ,《 My bargaining queen 》 In terms of subject matter, it is extremely flattering , Focus on the bargaining masters who are not so familiar in the contemporary workplace , The public's interest naturally comes up . People think of bargaining , Naturally think of market vendors 、 Business negotiation parties , that , Bargain hunters in the workplace , Will naturally escape the old-fashioned workplace drama model , It can give people a refreshing feeling in the impression , As long as the plot is more combined with social hot spots 、 Pain points , It's not difficult to get a good reputation .

The second highlight is the cast , The brightest thing is “ Fourth master ” Wu Qilong and “ 14th master ” Lin renewed his cooperation ten years later , At the same time, as a previously controversial 《 Delay jubilee strategy 》 Wu Jinyan of the hostess is also full of things . First of all, I have to say that Yu Zhengbao has a set of , Although there are white deer and others ahead , Wu Jinyan is not a member of Yuzheng company “ One elder sister ”, But resources are really good , since 《 Yanxi 》 after , Almost never played a female companion , After that, there were many star plays , Although fame is not a front line , But resources are on the front line , This is also the most controversial part of her , In this play, the performance is not inferior to the male master .

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