22-year-old net red Han Anran official announced the good news of marriage! Three times in two years, he was accused of cheating by his ex husband

Oriental Infotainment 2021-09-15 08:20:17

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9 month 9 The morning of , The well-known online celebrity Han Anran announced the good news of his third marriage on the social platform , Sweet sun out marriage certificate , And declare her husband , Then it triggered a heated discussion among netizens .

It is reported that , Han Anran's husband's name is Ma Zexin , His three-dimensional facial features are very handsome . They are very husband and wife , When taking pictures, they all show happy smiles , It looks like a perfect match .

We can know from the marriage certificate that , Han Anran and Ma Zexin are in 9 month 8 Certified on the day of . Although that day is not their birthday , But there must be some special significance , Otherwise, they would not choose to get married on this day .

After Han Anran official announced the good news , Many netizens questioned that this is false evidence , Because there is no steel seal of the Civil Affairs Bureau on it , And don't cover your ears when taking wedding photos , Hair must also be neat , It's like taking an ID card .

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