Liang Yongqi took a "picture of pastoral tourists" and wore plaid pants to show her long legs and warm autumn atmosphere

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When wearing , Finding a style that suits you is a very important thing , In order to wear a sense of propriety , otherwise , No matter how good-looking clothes look , Or is it equal to zero .

But how can I find the right style ? It's a very difficult thing , In this case , Then try a more versatile minimalist style , Simple clothes often make people look very low-key , Has a very stylish sense of maturity .

But a very important reason why many fairies don't want to try the minimalist style , It's very simple. Wearing it will look very old-fashioned , How to dress in fashion without aging , Wear a very simple feeling ? Next, follow Xiaobian to analyze and explore the minimalist style !

Gigi Leung is on camera “ Photos of pastoral tourists ”, Wear plaid pants to show leg length , The warm autumn atmosphere is full , The warm sunshine outside shines on people , Wear it with a comfortable, simple and fashionable style , Not just comfortable to wear , You can feel warm when you look at it .

Liang Yongqi's short hair is still so sweet , Although the dress is simple, it is very refreshing , There is no sense of age at all , It looks really tender , Simple style doesn't look old , On the contrary, it is refreshing and full of vitality , So , Minimalist style is also very fashionable .

Minimalist style to wear

● Long knit outerwear + Woolen wide leg pants

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