Li Weijia, far away from the noise, finally overturned!

Oriental Infotainment 2021-09-15 08:20:14

As established 20 Years of hosting team , The five hosts of happy family have been concerned by countless netizens , And they all have black material more or less , For example, he Jiong, who has been plagued by negative news recently 、 Sheenah, the host level, make complaints about him. 、 Du Haitao cutting vermicelli and leeks 、 Xin wu , Compare with them , Li Weijia is really far away from the noise .

Although Li Weijia's seniority in the happy family is old , But the sense of existence is the weakest , Several other hosts have participated in many programs , But Li Weijia seemed to be in addition to 《 Happy camp 》 Nothing else , And some time ago, happy family was invited to make complaints about the whole event. , But he can stay out of it , Not at all .

Why can Li Weijia be alone every time ? Maybe it has something to do with his low-key behavior , He Jiong once broke the news , Li Weijia has a famous saying “ I don't want to miss your life , You can't participate in my life ”, He never has a circle of friends , But they will circle praise for each friend's friend 、 Comment on ! He never shows off , Naturally, it will not cause controversy , What I didn't expect was , Li Weijia can stay away from the noise every time , Now the car has overturned .

Recently, a netizen revealed , Many people gathered at the gate of Hunan Radio and television station to seek justice ,T It's still written on the back of the shirt “ Li Weijia lost his virtue as an artist ” A few big words , Although there are security guards at the scene , But they don't seem to care about it , Hunan Satellite TV and Li Weijia have not responded so far .

according to the understanding of , It started because a tea company endorsed by Li Weijia ran away , Many franchisees have been cheated , Some of them invested 150 ten thousand , But he only got back less than 20000 yuan , Those cheated victims have been on the Internet , But they never got a response from the other side , But he ran to Hunan Satellite TV to protect his rights .

It's not the first time for a star to speak for thunder , We must not blindly invest because of the endorsement of stars . But then again , Now there is something wrong with the endorsed products , Li Weijia showed at least one attitude , Instead of completely ignoring it as it is now ? What do you think of this ? Welcome to leave a message !

source : Huan Huan chat Entertainment

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