Liu Xiaoqing took stills of the Qing Dynasty in her early years. When filming, she begged for food on the set and was angry and cried by the logistics personnel

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Liu Xiaoqing recently posted photos on his personal social platform 《 Burning the old Summer Palace 》《 said of an empress 》 A still picture of , In the picture, she plays Empress Dowager Cixi , Reading with a heavy headdress , It's very quiet .

This picture was taken in 1982 year , It's all over now 40 year , Regarding this , Liu Xiaoqing sighed :“ The past can't be like smoke . Sunny years , Be grateful that you have gone through .”

Although now we talk about the days when these two films were made , Liu Xiaoqing seems a little light , But it was not easy , Even very wronged .

These two films are directed by Hong Kong director Li Hanxiang , It is the first time since the reform and opening up that Hong Kong and the mainland have cooperated , It is also the first film to be filmed in the Forbidden City , The cost of renting space alone is thousands of yuan a day , In addition to Liu Xiaoqing , And Liang Jiahui 、 Zhang Tielin et al , It's a standard big production .

In two plays , Liu Xiaoqing plays Empress Dowager Cixi who is above ten thousand people , Wearing a green flag on his head , His hands are full of rings and bracelets , The clothes are also gorgeous , Even the feet are covered with jewelry . Whether in the former dynasty or the harem , Liu Xiaoqing is in the limelight , Surrounded by palace maids and eunuchs , Say one thing in front of the ministers , Very classy .

But outside the play , Liu Xiaoqing's life is another scene . She and other mainland staff , Regardless of the division of roles , Only one plastic bag for each meal , There are two steamed buns in it 、 A powdered sausage and a piece of black pickle , Liu Xiaoqing is from Sichuan , I'm not used to eating steamed bread , So when filming, I often go hungry .

The Hong Kong staff of the same crew ate “ Dining car system ”, All kinds of big fish, big meat and delicious rice for people to choose from .

One day, Liu Xiaoqing was extremely hungry , When Li Hanxiang found out, he stopped work for dinner , But when Liu Xiaoqing got the food, he found that it was still steamed bread and pickles , No appetite at all , Under the domination of hunger , She came to the dining car of the Hong Kong Staff , See rice, rice and meat , Just beg for food from the logistics personnel .

The person in charge of food is from the Mainland , Look, female number one comes to beg , He gave her a bowl of white rice , But Liu Xiaoqing hasn't eaten meat for a long time , I also want meat for dinner , But logistics is no longer willing to give , To be frank “ This meat is for foreign guests , Foreign guests are not enough ”.

As a big star to beg , No meat yet , Liu Xiaoqing felt very ashamed , Tears began to swirl in my eyes , At this time, Hong Kong lighting engineers and photographers also came to help Liu Xiaoqing beg for meat , She felt even more insulted , He threw his job aside and began to cry .

The production director saw Liu Xiaoqing like this , Come and find out , And Liu Xiaoqing said frankly that I want to eat meat , I also said that I can't eat alone , All mainland staff have to eat . Under Liu Xiaoqing's cry , The production director quickly coordinated the pilaf , But only Liu Xiaoqing has , Other staff are still the same : Steamed bread 、 sausage stuffed with bean-starch paste 、 Pickles .

That meat meal , Liu Xiaoqing is still unforgettable , It's also written in an autobiography 《 From movie stars to billionaire girls 》 in .

As a big star , as well as 《 Burning the old Summer Palace 》《 said of an empress 》 The absolute protagonist of , I can't eat meat , No doubt it is beyond the imagination of today's audience , But it was common in those days .

Liu Xiaoqing is an employee of Beijing Film Studio , It's been a month 50 Dollar wages , So when filming, there is no pay for a penny . And as a big star , She went out to perform 、 The clothes for the event should be taken care of by themselves , Life is very tight .

When filming these two plays , She once ate dates , Accidentally mixed the ring in the jujube stone and threw it into the envelope , At night, when the makeup artist found that the ring was missing , The whole crew looked everywhere with flashlights , The result is still not found . The crew made a claim for Liu Xiaoqing , Because it's a jade ring , So the value 500 element , But Liu Xiaoqing can't take it out at all , Every day when filming, I always remember that ring , Until one day I burned the envelope , Just found it .

however , The feedback of these two plays to Liu Xiaoqing is also quite rich .《 said of an empress 》《 Burning the old Summer Palace 》 All won the special award for excellent films , It is also shown in Hong Kong , Liu Xiaoqing's influence has also been significantly improved .

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