In spring in the jade mansion, Jia Fengyuan was not moved by his brother's death. Why was su Yingxue changed? The reason is realistic

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With controversy ,《 Yulouchun 》 Officially closed .

In the finale , Sun Xun set up a bureau with Lin Shaochun and the emperor , In the end, Liang Jingguan did his best , Jia Fengyuan woke up because of Su Yingxue's death .

About Liang Jingguan , There is not much controversy , After all, from beginning to end , But Jia Fengyuan is different .

He was bent on avenging his father , Deliberately approach sun's house 、 Close to Su Yingxue , Just to bring down Sun Xun . He can be desperate for revenge .

Jia Fengyuan was demoted once , He passed by the border , He wants to unite with his brother-in-law Gu Ye to deal with Sun Xun's second son, sun Junhao .

For the purpose , He even asked Gu Ye to start with Yao dizhu . However, Gu Ye is in love with Yao dizhu , Can't bear to hurt , But I don't want to betray my brother , So kill yourself .

The death of his brother did not move Jia Fengyuan , After his sad tears , Instead, he complained that tanino should not forget her family feud because of a woman .

From this we can know , Jia Fengyuan's determination to revenge is extremely firm , But it's just such a person , Finally, she was changed by Su Yingxue .

stay 《 Yulouchun 》 The second half of , Su Yingxue knows that Jia Fengyuan can't let go of his hatred for the sun family , But I can't change anything , She also knew that Jia Fengyuan would come to a bad end , So send them away directly after having children .

after , In order to repay Lin Shaochun for his accomplishment , To awaken Jia Fengyuan , Love dilemma , Su Yingxue decides to end her life .

Facing Su Yingxue's death , Jia Fengyuan was deeply grieved and completely awakened , Confessed his crime to the Emperor , unfortunately , He has lost his mind , He went crazy in exile .

Many people can't understand , Jia Fengyuan, who is determined to avenge his father , Even the death of his brother-in-law Gu Ye failed to impress him , How did Su Yingxue change it ?

Is there a deviation between the director and the screenwriter in their understanding of the characters , There was a logical error ?

For a TV play , For a character , Everyone will have their own understanding and views , But as far as Jia Fengyuan is concerned , Not the director 、 The screenwriter is not rigorous , The reason why he was changed by Su Yingxue , The reason is realistic .

In the process of chasing the play , Many people think that Jia Fengyuan's use of Su Yingxue , But if you think about it carefully, you know , He's already moved .

Two people secretly communicate with each other , Su Yingxue hopes Jia Fengyuan can take her away . Liang Jingguan learned that , Persuade Jia Fengyuan to get rid of Su Yingxue as soon as possible .

At the time , Jia Fengyuan hesitated .

Just imagine , If you just want to use Su Yingxue , Why hesitate ? therefore , At that time, Jia Fengyuan was already in love with Su Yingxue .

After that , Lin Shaochun helps Su Yingxue leave the sun mansion without telling the world , Jia Fengyuan saw that it was done , Face the status quo calmly .

Some may say , That's because Su Yingxue is pregnant with his child .

He's probably right , But combined with Jia Fengyuan's growth experience, we know , He was separated from his brother after his parents' accident , For years he had no family 、 No friends , All I think about is revenge .

Although Liang Jingguan ostensibly took good care of him , But really good to him , But only Su Yingxue . On this point , Jia Fengyuan knows .

therefore , I learned that Su Yingxue sent the child away , Although he was furious , But no further action .

It's no exaggeration to say , The importance of Su Yingxue in his heart , Even far more than tanino .

He and tanino are close brothers , But because separated from urination , When two people meet again , Their relationship is more related by blood , Not feelings .

Tanino leaves , He was also sad , But after all, it is different from Su Yingxue .

In his camp 、 Down and out 、 In the days of hate calculation , Only Su Yingxue accompanied him , She was like a light in his life , Into his heart .

When Su Yingxue was alive , Jia Fengyuan was blinded by hatred , Don't recognize your heart , Didn't realize the importance of Su Yingxue to him .

He always thought , After revenge , Can live a happy life with Su Yingxue , But until Su Yingxue really died in front of him , He knew how important she was .

Of course , Jia Fengyuan was able to wake up , Another reason is that his conscience is still alive .

He has ambition 、 Have talent , If it weren't for family changes , There must be something to do . The death of his brother-in-law Gu Ye said that it was impossible for him not to touch at all .

Plus Su Yingxue , Just two close relatives and loved ones , He lost his life because of his revenge .

Once he thought revenge was the most important , But when tanye and Su Yingxue died one after another , He knew that life was nothing but revenge , There are more important things , People worth cherishing more .

But you can't look back , He did so many wrong things , Should pay the price . The emperor's decision to exile him has been particularly gracious , But he can't pass his own level , So crazy .

Looking back on Jia Fengyuan's life , Sigh . He is the same as Lin Shaochun , All bear family feuds , But he and Lin Shaochun took two completely different paths .

Life is like heaven , A thought of hell , Jia Fengyuan ruined his future because of hatred , And two close relatives and loved ones , For him , More cruel than exile .

If you can do it again , I wonder if he will still insist on revenge ?

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