Yuan Li's recent situation revealed that he was obsessed with public welfare, dressed simply and fearless, grew fat, and married an 11-year-old husband

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9 month 9 Number , Yuan Li's foundation aired a video of Yuan Li visiting patients , Call on people to pay attention to public welfare , And a caption said :“ Love is faith , Never lose .”

In the picture , Yuan Li is wearing a black T T-shirt and casual pants , Carrying a simple elastic bag , The shape is particularly simple , No female star burden . Her skin is fair , Broad shoulders and rounded arms , I'm a little fat , Perfect interpretation “ White and fat ” The word" .

Yuan Li followed the doctor to the ward to see the patient , Learned that the patient had no father, no mother, no wife and children , Decided to fund him , Said the foundation is working with the hospital , The sponsored person can always treat here .

Hear these words , The man in black lying on the hospital bed couldn't help crying , Yuan Li immediately comforted :“ Don't be sad ”.

When Yuan Li leaned over , The fat extruded from the waist is very obvious , Under the clothes “ Swimming ring ”, Plus her pants are very wide , The thighs look very strong , Completely exposed body defects .

But Yuan Li doesn't seem to care about these , Bent down and asked “ May I give you a hug ”, Gave the patient a gentle hug .

This touching scene touched the hearts of many netizens , Everyone commented on “ Amazing ”, I think she communicates with the patient with gentle words , It's worth everyone learning .

Others say , Seeing Yuan Li like this , As if I saw the once chivalrous “ Du Xiaoyue ”.

She was in the beginning 《 Bronze teeth Ji Xiaolan 》 I play “ Du Xiaoyue ”, This character is quite chivalrous , Both kind and considerate , It's easy to be impulsive , She is a spontaneous heroine , It has won the love of countless audiences .

Yuan Li has many classic characters , Excellent acting , But I haven't been filming again in these years , But obsessed with public welfare , It also left a deep impression on everyone .

Her foundation sends news every once in a while , It can not only let those donors know the progress of the project , It can also attract more people to join .

Most of the videos posted by the foundation 、 The pictures were taken when Yuan Li visited the patient , She doesn't seem to care about her personal image , Accept the change of body , The clothes are only black, white and gray , Very simple .

9 At the beginning of , Yuan Lilu's video calls on everyone to participate in a public welfare activity , She wore a rare dress , Also wearing earrings and matching pendants , Temperament conspicuous . Although dressed up , But Yuan Li did not add a filter to make himself P Thin , No body anxiety .

Maybe Yuan Li was slowly smoothed by time , Determined to live a low-key life .

Once she liked to speak on the Internet 、 Show of affection , When I married my third husband Liang Taiping , Also specially sun kisses according to the official announcement , Small frequency band 11 Year old husband sprinkles dog food . They never had children , Enjoying the sweet world of two .

Now Yuan Li focuses on public welfare , Did not continue to share the couple's daily , only “ Visiting life ”.

I hope she can always be happy , Fund more people in need !

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author : Li Xixi

Coordinating editor : Cherry

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