The children of the Qiao family came to a hasty end. Although the plot is dog blood, the ending is very satisfactory and warm

Oriental Infotainment 2021-09-15 08:12:26

《 The children of the Qiao family 》 Last night had a final finale , Friends who have seen the ending have such a feeling , The end looked hasty , Including Joe Zuwang's downline 、 The departure of Qu aying's family , And seven seven donate kidney to save big brother and so on , It's all arranged in the last episode , And friends who have read the original know , In fact, there are other twists and turns in Joe Yicheng's marriage with Xiang Nanfang , Including Qiao Yicheng's first love Wen Juan , Also came back and tangled with Joe Yicheng for some time , None of these plays show , And this also makes the ending of the TV series look very hasty .

Actually, chasing this one 《 The children of the Qiao family 》 When , Many viewers and netizens also have this feeling , The plot is really bloody , The children of the Qiao family are all kinds of bad luck , Especially in emotional marriage , All kinds of divorces, all kinds of cheating, etc , It makes people really angry , But although the plot is bloody , But the ending is very happy and warm .

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