Reflections on Dragon and tiger martial arts master

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Wei junzi, the director of this documentary , It must be no stranger to mainland audiences familiar with Hong Kong Films . He can definitely be regarded as the former mainland folk who studied Hong Kong Films OG.

The book published by Wei Junzi in his early years 《 Hong Kong Film romance 》, Xiaobian, who is also a Hong Kong film fan, once couldn't stop watching . Now , He upgraded the written record of Hong Kong films to image presentation , For Dafei, who has been immersed in Hong Kong films since childhood , How can you miss ?

that ,“ Dragon Tiger martial arts master ” What do these four words mean ? It is a special product of the Hong Kong film industry system , Specifically refers to the martial arts action in the film 、 A stuntman from martial arts in difficult scenes .

Most of them have no chance to show their faces in the film , Can only act as a double . Lucky , Then you can play a small minion without a sense of existence or a small supporting role with few parts . And like Jackie Chan 、 Hong Jinbao 、 Donnie Yen changed from a martial artist to a big star , It's definitely Fengmao water chestnut .

The movie 《 Dragon Tiger martial arts master 》 It records the emergence and development of this special business , The process from peak to decline , And the hardships, honors and Disgraces of the employees in the past and the changes of things and people today .

Although the martial arts teachers of dragon and tiger participate in almost all action movies , However, as the most representative and world influential film of Hong Kong Films , You can even put this 《 Dragon Tiger martial arts master 》 As a Hong Kong film history .

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