The total box office exceeded 400 million and won the box office champion for 13 days in a row. Why can this Hollywood blockbuster play so well?

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9 The film market in January is more active than summer , With the National Day approaching , Many blockbusters are scheduled for the National Day holiday , After a summer downturn , Nowadays, the enthusiasm of watching movies in the film market is gradually rising , The blockbusters scheduled for the National Day are basically domestic films , So those imported Hollywood blockbusters can only be released around the national day schedule , lately 9 There are several Hollywood Science Fiction blockbusters released in January , And the box office performance is very good .

end 9 month 8 Friday night , The movie 《 Out of control players 》 Total box office break 4.02 Billion , The film was released 13 Come on , Has always been a one-day box office champion , The proportion of box office is basically 50% about , The number of film arranging sessions in a single day shall be at least 10 Wan chang , This blockbuster can be said to be the hottest film in the last two weeks , The audience loved , The market share is also quite high .

Total box office break 4 Billion , A series of snatches 13 Day box office champion , Why is this Hollywood blockbuster so popular ?

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