Joy diary | 9.4

Photography 2021-09-15 08:06:07

【 Family Party 】

Last weekend, , Everyone is back , I cooked a dinner hard once in a while . In the past, I could only cook two or three dishes at most to fool the children , This time, at least we got together a small table , Everyone ate up , Happy !

Beibei began to be a substitute teacher , Liangliang specially prepared a bunch of daisies for her . The friendship between brothers and sisters is very precious .

Video to picture slightly paste , But it has a sense of time

In the evening, Liangliang showed it back to everyone with a manual projector 【 Havoc in heaven 】 Grandpa and grandma were very happy .

【 Travel 】

At the weekend, my sister and I took two babies to the Pearl art museum to visit the language of soil , The art of ceramics 【 Life and soil 】 In short, it is very advanced ~

Coming out of the art museum, he walked slowly down a ladder , indicating surprise or wonder ! The field of vision opens up , A space as grand as a theater presents itself , This is the temple of books ——— A new Xinhua Bookstore .

In the evening, we were pleasantly surprised to catch up with a fountain show . In front of the magnificent and colorful landscape , Beauty always comes naturally .

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