She is the most aristocratic actress in China, but she has been repeatedly raped by her ex husband and is now worth more than 100 million

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Some netizens have commented on , Yu Xiaohui is frank and straightforward, and has no Chengfu .

And such Yu Xiaohui , Although it is popular, it is easy to be cheated , Of course, with her stubborn character , It's impossible to degenerate just because of one time .

Every woman wants to have perfect love and marriage , There is a man who really loves her .

Every bit of warmth in life is piled up like a castle , You have him in this castle , And your future .

Choose a smooth road or a bumpy path , The decision-making power has always been in the hands of the husband and wife .

Some people can live a plain life into poetry , Some people can run out of love in marriage . A couple can last long , Need to work together for marriage .

Today we want to talk about Yu Xiaohui who has experienced an unfortunate marriage , But she never gave up the pursuit of happiness .

Yu Xiaohui was born in Northeast China , she 18 After graduating from high school, he was directly admitted to Shenyang drama troupe as an actor .

She's been a monk for many years , Because of her dignified appearance, she has been playing an important role in the main melody red film and television drama .

Yu Xiaohui has shot many film and television works , For example, the farm series starring Cheng Yu 《 Happy farm 》, With Li Liqun 、 Xi Meijuan starred in the family play 《 Small family events 》, In sun Siyang 、 Children's science fiction play starring Zhang Rui 《 Happy planet 》 As Xiaolu's mother , stay 《 Zhou Enlai is in Chongqing 》 As Song Meiling for the first time , Then directed by Tang Guoqiang 《 liberate 》 Again in Song Meiling .

What is unexpected is , She is not remembered by the public for her excellent acting .

Maybe this is not the most important thing for old opera bones .

I think the reason why Yu Xiaohui is not as famous as other old opera bones is that she is too low-key , This is also related to Yu Xiaohui's inability to market and package herself .

Therefore, Yu Xiaohui is also a tepid actor today .

And the director she worked with 、 The actors gave Xiao Hui full marks .

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