Is Li Weijia wronged? Many people besieged the gate of the TV station and shelled it as a "immoral artist"

Oriental Infotainment 2021-09-15 07:58:22

These months , The entertainment industry has never been peaceful , Some big stars still expose their ugly side in public after all , They were greeted by the severe punishment of the law and the banning of the performance Association .

And this time , Mango stage is also a constant storm . Qian Feng, a former host, was deeply involved in “X Invasion storm ” And take the blame and resign , After the 《 The rest of my life 》 Move out of gear , Now Li Weijia, a member of the happy family, has ushered in another “ The crisis ”.

9 month 8 Japan , Many people lined up at the gate of Hunan Satellite TV , All dressed in white T T-shirt , And wrote on the clothes “ Li Weijia lost his virtue as an artist ” Seven words , Instantly triggered passers-by onlookers .

What's going on ? It turns out that these people are the agents of a milk tea brand company endorsed by Li Weijia , According to netizens, the company of the brand has run away , Cheat franchisees' hard-earned money , Nobody cares .

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