"The remaining 11" episode 5 four conjectures: the mystery of room 12, Yao's line has deep meaning

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writing / Ye qiuchen

A mini play starring Li Xian 《 The rest 11 individual 》 Updated to episode 5 .

Catch up quickly , Then I wrote the following words with questions and thoughts .

The difference from the previous four episodes is , The main information points in this collection , It's the scene and lyrics , Because there are very few lines .

Direct delivery of dry goods .

Li now 1: Chen Zhenyu , Li now 2: Fan Qiang , Li now 3: Yao Yi .

guess 1: Li now 1 Damage the face of the person who fell from the building

I guess Li Xian 1 Smash the face of the man who fell from the building so that he can't see clearly , And took all his belongings , Including identity documents, etc .

Because Mr. Li is a warm-hearted citizen ( Is that you , Li xianben is now hahaha ) The caller said that after the traffic accident on Laoshan Road , In the news flash, the identity of the person who fell from the building is unknown .

Li now 1 What's burning , In order to eliminate all traces of the fallen in the world that can be found by the police .

But Li Xian 1 I'm not trying to completely cover up the identity of the person who fell from the building , His main purpose is to procrastinate .

The news also said , I hope informed residents can provide clues .

At that time, Li Xian 2 There are a lot of enemies , Identity can be verified sooner or later .

Li now 1 Is to take advantage of this time difference , Go find Li Xian 2 The secret behind it ( Or be guided to find out the secret ).

Once it is verified that Li Xian 2 The identity of the , that 2 and 3 You can't hide things that look the same .

In Episode 5 , From the information in the recorder , Li now 3 This is the first time I came to Chuanyuan , It means that many people didn't know what he looked like before .

Is Chuanyuan's information completely isolated from the outside world ?

The photos of big stars can't be sent in, so let Li Xian 2 Make a hole ?

Or Li Xian 3 From a and 1 and 2 Different time and space ?

At present, there is no evidence to show the connection between the traffic accident and the main plot , But it is very likely to be a node switch of time-space transfer .

guess 2: Li now 2 Is the absolute protagonist and manipulator

The title of this episode will be 11 Green Gate No. 1 is arranged to enter the main plot , Titles 11 Behind the No. 1 gate, there is a dark shadow that can't see his face clearly , It's the story of the play BOSS figure , At present, Li Xian 2 Most likely .

Ye qiuchen mentioned in the drama review before , Because the release task is limited by distance , So in Li Xian 1 Received, Li Xian 2 My first meeting mission , The other party has been eyeing him for a long time .

So Li Xian 1 Will see the picture taken when he was tracked on that board .

Li now 2 My room is the title of the whole play , Judging from the speculation that he now controls the whole situation , Li now 1 and 3 All are 2 The supporting role of , adopt 1 To get to know 2, Re pass 3 To learn more about 2.

Li now 2 Is the absolute protagonist , And the whole thing ( The rest of the game 11 individual + In reality, Li Xian X People ) The controller of .

Personally, Episode 6 should focus on 2 and 3 Stories of the past , And why 3 By 2 Push downstairs .

guess 3: The implied meaning of the lyrics

Li now 2 Your key is Li Xian 1 Accidentally found while burning something , But this should be Li Xian 2 Intentionally .

PUSH 3 It was 2, Leave to 1 Of course, things are also 2 Ready .

Li now 1 I found Li Xian through the key 2 Room , When passing through the corridor, the lyrics around me hide a lot of deep meaning .

“ Sign a contract ”“ Full of copper smell ”“ Towards the end ”“ Don't go over there ”“ The medicine for disappointment doesn't work ”“ Being manipulated to repeat the mistakes ” and “ May the hook be on ”, Can have a brain hole .

Li now 1 Maybe in 2 Under the control of , Keep walking into a deeper vortex , This is consistent with ye qiuchen's previous speculation .

The lyrics are right , If you don't take the initiative to choose , It won't fall into the mud .

Li now 1 It's actually “ May the hook be on ”, although “ Being manipulated ” constantly “ recommit the same error ”, But in “ Don't go over there ” Still undetected under the vigilance of , Eventually or will “ Towards the end ”.

And what brought him into this special game , It is “ Copper odor ” And self selected “ contract ”.

guess 4: Li now 2 The details of the room

This is ye qiuchen's conjecture , Pure sharing nature, write it down and communicate with you .

Li Xian is posted there 1 On the board of the picture , There's a map ( With the theme of this episode “ The blueprint ” Fit ), Different pictures and materials are tied in different positions of the map , I guess those are the remaining Li Xian from different countries X People ( The materials are in different languages ).

Some of them have some sphere distribution and special structure graphics , Make a bold guess with Li Xian 2 It's about time travel ( The stone carving factory suddenly disappeared ).

There is Li Xian in the recorder 3( Big star Yao Yi ) The sound of , May be 2 Want to learn his tone and content , Then pretend to be Li Xian 3 Continue to exist , Then the pit 1, And find 4、5、6……

Li now 3 He said he felt very... When he first came to Chuanyuan “ It's fate ”( The word fate is wonderful , Subconscious intersection ), This made ye qiuchen quickly open a new brain hole , If Li Xian 2 Can travel through time , So will it be as I said in the play review before , Li now 2 It's actually the rest 11 Li Xian X?

Just from different time and space ?

A special entry point allows these similar looking people to get together and play games , Is this entry point related to the traffic accident on Laoshan Road ( For example, soul wear )?

Maybe I think more about it .

Li now 3 The movie mentioned , The point may be in the plot ( The artist's unremitting pursuit leads to perfection ), But perhaps more critical is the popularity of “ Achilles paradox ”.

Achilles will never catch up with the tortoise , Because there is always a difference between them 1 rice .

Li now X People ( Including the audience ) Can only approach the truth infinitely , But I still can't know the truth , Maybe this is 《 The rest 11 individual 》 What the show wants to express .

however , Time and space cannot be infinitely divided .

( This may also suggest why only 12 Li Xian , Not really X Li Xian )

“ Achilles paradox ” It's also telling us , There will always be a time , The two of them can take a step together , Achilles thus surpassed the tortoise .

As long as we think carefully enough , So the truth is hard to find , But still in infinite proximity , There is a moment within reach .

In Li Xian 3 After saying this paradox , He added another sentence .

The tortoise will always win , At least he can beat the rabbit .

In the first episode , We can guess that Li Xian 1 Namely “ The rabbit ”.

therefore , Li now 3 Namely “ Tortoise ”?

Yao Yi's words , You have to be careful .

Because they all have deep meaning .

guess 4: About 12 The mystery of room number

One of the most subtle designs , That's the group ( Li now 1 My enemy ) It's lying on 12 Listen to the sound on the door of room No .

from 11 Change to 12, Does it mean that the last Lee has entered the game now ?

therefore , The whole big story may be a flashback ?

For Li Xian 2 Come on , Other Li Xian X It's the rest 11 individual .

Maybe in Li Xian 2 On the machine , The remaining 10 Both have been unlocked , Only Li Xian is left 1 Not yet .

in addition , Li now 1 Use Li Xian 2 Open the door with your key , At first there was a key that didn't open .

So which room is this key ?

Probably , Namely 12 Room number one .

Although the play is called 《 The rest 11 individual 》, But the protagonist group has 12 Li Xian .

from 11 Room number to 12 Room number , The story becomes more and more interesting .

Now only the sixth episode has not been broadcast , It's hard to explain all the doubts before in terms of time .

And ye qiuchen boldly guessed , Three Li Xian come out in a season , Then the mini play will end at least in four seasons .

So the first season is just a brick to attract jade , The ending is inevitable , It is also inevitable to create suspense , I just hope we don't have a bad ending .

Burn brain or unfinished ?

Welcome to predict the finale of the first season .

writing / Ye qiuchen


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