Cloud effect x nailing : Make R & D easier , rush about telling the news around spreading , Cloud effect & Nail integration to achieve organizational structure 、 Member synchronization and message notification !

We know that cloud efficiency is committed to intelligence 、 Safety traceability 、 Efficient 、 Simple 、 flexible ,「 Cloud efficiency is a new generation of enterprise class DevOps platform 」 Alibaba cloud cloud effect _ Cloud effect _ The new era of cloud origin DevOps platform - Alibaba cloud It's our purpose ;

Speaking of nails , Many people are familiar with , Focus on work and online education scenarios , Cried out 「 Make work and study easier 」 The slogan of the ;

Yunxiao has also made great efforts in polishing products , Starting from the needs and pain points of users , Strive to give consideration to the simplicity and functional completeness of the product , Cloud effect and nail are also the main products, simple and efficient , So what kind of spark will the combination of the two collide ?

In the past , When using cloud effect everyday , You may encounter the following problems

Security requirements : The permissions of resigned members need to be cleared automatically , Members leave the enterprise , Automatically reclaim permissions in cloud enterprises

Rights management : Organizational structure adjustment of members , Need to change member permissions

Member management : It is inconvenient to add people in batch in enterprises

Collaborative communication : The way of letter and email notification in the station is not timely ‍

Now? , Cloud effect and nail combination , The pain point is no longer painful

Organizational structure and member synchronization : Simplify hands-on costs , Organization members are automatically synchronized

Nail message notice : Communication and collaboration are seamlessly connected , Online at any time

Making R & D more efficient actually doesn't take so much trouble , After continuous polishing and testing by the product technical team , Realized Organizational structure and member synchronization

Organizational structure : The organizational structure will be automatically synchronized to the cloud enterprise .

Member synchronization :

1、 Resigned members are automatically cleared : Delete member in nailing enterprise , The member will be automatically deleted from the cloud enterprise , Reclaim the operation permission of the member .

2、 Change of member organization structure : After changing the member department information in the nailing enterprise , The Department information of the member in the cloud effect enterprise will also be changed automatically , The permissions granted to department users will also be automatically adjusted .

3、 Entry of members : Add new members in nailing enterprise , There is no need to add operations in the cloud , The member will automatically join the cloud effect enterprise when accessing the cloud effect .

Finish nailing ( Include : Enterprise binding 、 Personal binding ) after , Some actions that trigger notifications ( Task creation / Modify etc. ) Will be sent to the participants of the task 「 Notice of work 」 news .

How to bind

Complete the following two steps , You can install and bind :

Step one : Enterprise binding completes the synchronization of organizational structure and personnel .

Step two : Personal binding Join a cloud enterprise , Receive nail message .

Enterprise binding

Nail installation cloud effect

The installation process : Mobile phone nail , Search in the nail application square “ Cloud effect ” Complete the installation ->【 Choose a team 】->【 Install cloud apps 】 Follow the instructions

Bind nail enterprises and cloud effect enterprises

It needs to be operated by the enterprise administrator of cloud effect .

First , You need to bind the personal account of cloud effect with the pin account , In the cloud 【 Personal settings In the operation Binding nails 】->【 Nail the phone , adopt The workbench - Cloud effect Enter the cloud application 】->【 The nail enterprise to bind : Nail the currently selected enterprise / Cloud enterprises to be bound : Select the cloud effect enterprise that needs to be bound to the nail enterprise 】->【 After selecting cloud effect enterprises , Click on confirm 】 Examples of successful binding are as follows :

How to synchronize enterprise organizational structure ?

How to modify and synchronize part of the organization structure ?

How to synchronize enterprise members ?

Uncover documents :

Personal binding

Join the enterprise and receive nailing messages :

If you have ever visited cloud effect

Login cloud effect

Click on the top right picture , Select personal settings

Operate binding pins in personal settings

If you have never visited cloud effect

Login cloud effect

Click... On the following page Pin the account number ->【 Scan QR code with mobile nail 】->【 On the mobile phone end , Click on Log in to the web version of cloud effect 】 Just follow the instructions

How to use nails to log in ?

How to untie ?

Uncover documents :

When you finish installing and binding , When there are the following dynamics , Will send Nail notification

-01- Project collaboration

· Basic dynamics : Including task creation 、 Move 、 Move to the recycle bin

· Updates : Include comments 、 state 、 Update the content 、 practitioners 、 By the time 、 Notification including priority information

· Associate content dynamically : Notifications related to associated content

-02- Code management :

· Third party library import event notification ;

· Merge request operation notification ;

· Member permission change notification ;

· The code base / Group transfer or path change notification ;

· The code base / Group delete event notification ;

· The code base / Group publicity adjustment notice ;

· Alarm class notification ;

-03- Assembly line

· Manual card point notification

· increase / Delete / Modify pipeline members

· Process failed or cancelled

· Pipeline delete

· Assembly line transfer owner

Cloud effect x nailing : Make R & D easier , Cloud effect is committed to intelligence 、 Safety traceability 、 Efficient 、 Simple 、 flexible ,「 Cloud efficiency is a new generation of enterprise class DevOps platform 」 It's our purpose , Yunxiao has also made great efforts in polishing products , Starting from the needs and pain points of users , Strive to give consideration to the simplicity of product use and the completeness of functions, so as to make our R & D work easier .

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