Zhang Li is really as tender as a little girl. She is almost 40 years old and can challenge "colorful clothes". She is too pure
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In dressing up , If you don't want to be called an old aunt , So it's really necessary to wear appropriate age reducing clothes , It can show your youth and vitality , It can also give you more highlights , Especially for 40+ Women of , Mature wear is important , But there is no shortage of age reducing clothes .

A lot of people say , The older you get, the less you want to focus on what you wear , It seems that just wear it casually , In fact, no matter how old women are , Can't drift with the tide , Have your own attitude towards dressing .

And by the 40+ The age of , Although it has faded , But there is still a little girl's posture in my bones , So in your closet , It's not just clothes with mature styles , Proper energetic dressing is also essential .

But to wear and match for age reduction is not to pretend to be tender , Nor do you choose clothes that are too cute and sweet , But it has a slightly sweet effect in light ripening , Show your temperament and texture .

Although some people will still feel , Older women are not suitable for taking the fresh route , But you need to know , Fashion is never influenced by age , The clothes that young people can wear and match at that time , Older people can still .

Just like Zhang Li's dress , Choose a colorful sweater on your upper body , Whether in terms of color or clothing version , Can wear very good results , And not only does it not appear vulgar, but also highlights the sense of fashion , Make it look better .

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