He Sui supermodel's temperament is too high. She is gentle and generous in a gradient dress. How beautiful is she
Oriental Infotainment 2021-08-09 19:12:16

If you pay attention to the fashion circle , There should be no one who doesn't know he sui ? She is a Chinese model , since 2011 New York Fashion Week in autumn and winter , As a card field model for RAF · Lauren show , Later, she became Tan Yanyu's opening and closing model , Gradually emerge in the circle .

As the second after Liu Wen to ascend “ Victoria's secret ” Oriental Supermodel of fashion show , He Sui is very famous in the circle , And she is also the Asian supermodel who has been on the Victoria show the most times , Is a very famous , Also a powerful international supermodel .

Now he Sui is developing very well in the circle , In recent years, he also began to contact the entertainment industry , Not only in several film and television works , I also participated in many reality shows and variety shows , Successfully narrow the distance between and netizens , Now it is more and more popular with the audience .

In recent years, he Sui began to contact entertainment projects , Whether it's a film or television play , Or a reality show , All show more extraordinary strength and quality , Harvest a lot of fans , Loved by many netizens .

As an internationally famous fashion supermodel , The shape condition of he Sui is naturally very outstanding , And all kinds of fashion clothes are even better to burst , Daily dress has become the focus of attention , Every time you appear, you get a lot of attention , Let's have a look .

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