Zhao Liying's latest characters are in good condition. Her best age is playing tricks. She owes the audience a play
Oriental Infotainment 2021-08-09 19:11:50

Zhao Liying's next play is called 《 Barbarous growth 》, Co Director Fu Dongyu again , It is reported that the play is China's first business war inspirational work with the theme of female entrepreneurship , About the 1990s , Xu Banxia, the heroine who started out recklessly, with her unique vision and bold personality , In the iron and steel industry where men gather , Make a difference , The story of success in the end .

Judging from the plot ,《 Barbarous growth 》 It will also be a story line of the growth history of big women , If Zhao Liying really wants to play , Then her vision of selecting scripts is indeed improving , This is of great help to her transformation .

The show will not start until mid September at the earliest , And Zhao Liying's itinerary in August has not been arranged , As one can imagine 《 Barbarous growth 》 It just started the preparatory work , Whether the rumored mistress is Zhao Liying or not , We still have to wait for the official announcement results .

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