She is the evil girl "Su Daji". She was once very popular. Now she adopts children with her husband
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In the Hong Kong Film and television circles of the last century , The stars gather , Some people have a place with profound acting skills , Some people depend on their handsome appearance to get a share . But the one I want to talk about today , Both acting and appearance , She is “ The most beautiful Daji ” Wenbixia .

Although now 《 Granting titles to gods 》 It's already a remake of Geometry , There are also geometrically advanced actors who have played “ Su Daji ” This character , However, many people may think that Su Daji played by Wen Bixia in the past is “ Evil country, evil girl ”.

Wen Bixia's original name is very interesting , It's called Wen Bixia . She is a famous actress in Hong Kong . But when Wen Bixia was young , Because there are too many brothers and sisters in the family , His parents once wanted to sell Wen Bixia to support his family . Thanks to Wen Bixia , Move out after independence , Independent rebirth .

Last century 80 years , Wen Bixia comes back from the worst , Was discovered by a star scout to enter the entertainment circle , Her first film made her nominated for the Golden Award . Later, the film starring Andy Lau became the first to make her famous .

After Wen Bixia became famous , Still alive on the screen , At the age of more than half a hundred, her style is still . It has a lot to do with her happy family . Wen Bixia's miracles and fame in the past have been seriously damaged , Her husband volunteered and showed no grudge , They walked into the palace of marriage .

Here 20 In the next year's marriage and survival , Wen Bixia and her husband love each other most in a row , They also adopted a child . A family of three is also happy now . really , Wen Bixia and many ordinary people have the same survival experience , There are joy and worry , There are good things and leisure . Don't you know what more friends ask about Wen Bixia ?

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