Meng Meiqi drank juice to lose weight. Zhong Hanliang's words made her petrified instantly
Oriental Infotainment 2021-08-09 19:11:41

Get up every day Give yourself a breath first ;

Eat one more grain of rice at a time , Say sorry ;

Magic mirror, magic mirror, look at me , Where is my clavicle ;

beautiful , I want to be beautiful , I want to be a fan .


I believe many people have been brainwashed by this song . How to be thinner 、 How to be more beautiful , It's probably an eternal topic for women , Especially the female artists in the performing arts circle , It takes a lot to keep your appearance and figure .

lately , Meng Meiqi, one of the singers of this song, shared one of his weight loss tips in the program : Drink juice .

Drink juice to lose weight , I believe it's something many beauties often do . We all think that juice concentrates the essence of fruit , Nutrition and health . If it weren't for another artist on the show , People will continue to misunderstand , He is Zhong Hanliang .

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