Online movies go further! The chicken movie "tough guy gun god" is on fire. Have you seen it?
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If there are any good movies in the summer movie market , Many people may think 《 Chinese doctors 》《 White Snake 2》《 A serious case of anger 》 Wait for a good movie , But in fact, there is another film that is also good , But it didn't show in the cinema , But broadcast on the network platform . For now , Many people think that most of the online movies are shoddy films , Not much investment , You can't watch 50 cents special effects at all , Word of mouth is basically poor . And the name of this film 《 Tough guy gun god 》 It seems like a bad film , Poor performance , I didn't expect to perform well , It is a rare good work in online movies , Very sincere .

at present ,《 Tough guy gun god 》 Split on the watercress 7.8 branch , This result is still very good , Better than the scores of many cinema films . And four-star praise accounts for a lot , It's about 43%.

《 Tough guy gun god 》 It's a live chicken eating movie , The subject matter is still very novel , Hu guohan 、 Zhou siyao is the director , Xue Wenjun 、 Li Qingyu and others starred , The name of everyone in the team sounds strange , So many people may think that such a small film is probably cannon fodder , No expressiveness . But don't forget , Before 《 The Emperor gave Xiaozhuo 》 It's also a low-cost movie , It's also a surprise , Word of mouth soared all the way ,《 Tough guy gun god 》 The same is true .

The film is about the chicken eating war , The picture of the live game is very realistic , The game anchor's live picture of eating chicken is very 666. Actually , This tough guy, the gun god, Xiao Han, is a poor uncle , Also a game anchor , But the popularity is too low , So no audience watched him live , When he beat Black Shark at the critical moment , Others suspect that he's hanging up , Scolded by netizens , Also quite helpless , It's really a man sitting in a pot at home from heaven . however , Xiao Han is not easy , Obviously have strength , But I can only live in a rental house with my son , Sometimes I can't even pay the rent , No one could have imagined that the great God would come to this point .

More Than This , The wife of the great God drives a luxury car , And come back and fight for custody of his son , It's really hard ! With nothing, Xiaohan decided to fight back , Work hard , He took part in the chicken eating contest , Once the successful 500 Ten thousand bonus is in hand , You can buy a school district room , Give your son a good life ! Such stories are also very inspiring , The father is working hard for his children , This father son relationship has also moved many people .

In general ,《 Tough guy gun god 》 This film is by far the best film of the year , Whether it's special effects, shooting scenes or storylines, you can see the intention ! I also hope that more excellent online movies will come out in the future !

source : Jie Xiaoer

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