Nine days after Wu Yifan was detained, insiders talked about prison life and bathed in cold water all year round
Tencent Entertainment 2021-08-09 19:09:14

Wu queer , This time it should be completely planted . Once Wu Yifan was also a top male star in the entertainment circle , As soon as I go out, many bodyguard assistants follow me , But after being detained , Wu Yifan's life should not be easy .

It's a long time since Wu Yifan was arrested 9 It's time , The official has not yet informed Wu Yifan of his latest status . For Wu Yifan's life in prison , Many people are still very concerned about .

Some netizens exposed their life in prison , It is said that cold water is necessary to take a bath all year round . When I first went in , May feel uncomfortable , But after a long time .

In prison , Everyone should wear the same prison clothes , The underwear inside needs to be marked by yourself , To avoid being confused . Wu Yifan also played a prisoner before , It's really a coincidence .

Wu Yifan's life after entering the cell , It should also be very substantial , Even without a cell phone , No entertainment , Then he also needs time to memorize the rules and regulations inside .

Occasionally there will be some theatrical performances , At this time, Wu Yifan should be able to show . Although I can no longer enjoy the cheers of my fans , But you can stand on the stage in prison , It can make up for Wu Yifan's miss of the stage .

There are no mirrors in the prison , There is no knife for cutting fruit . Want to cut something , You can only do it yourself .

Shaving and cutting nails , Also need to ask for instructions , You can usually use it twice a week , I wonder if Wu Yifan will get used to such a situation ?

Wu queer , Reduced to today's situation , His mother has a great responsibility .

It is said that Wu Yifan lived with his mother since childhood , But Wu Yifan's mother doted on him , After entering society , Wu Yifan became a top male star .

But not everyone is his parents , Willing to spoil him . Maybe it's a burst of popularity , Let Wu Yifan completely lose himself , Now Wu Yifan has also paid for his fault .

As a Canadian artist , In China, we also need to bear responsibility for breaking the law . Before the law , Everyone is equal . After serving his sentence in China , Wu Yifan may also face punishment from his own country, Canada .

The saddest person at this time , Nothing is better than Wu Yifan's mother . According to a source , Wu Yifan's mother is begging everywhere , To no avail , Even my father who hasn't been in touch for many years , Wu Yifan's mother came to find a way .

Even if Wu Yifan feels psychological imbalance , It's the same. There's no way . As an adult , Be responsible for your every move .

I still hope Wu Yifan can reflect well , Do you think Wu Yifan should go to jail ?

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