A generation of legendary female superstar Li Lihua, sharing precious and exquisite photos, Jackie Chan calls her a goddess
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She is Li Lihua , Once a female superstar in the Chinese film world , She was the goddess in the hearts of countless fans .

Among these fans , Of course, including Jackie Chan .

What kind of superstar Li Lihua is ? Why can it have such charm , Let Jackie Chan be infatuated with it ?

In her 91 At the age of , The Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award also awarded her a lifetime achievement award , Jackie Chan also knelt down and gave her a trophy , It can be seen how much influence she has in the film world .

Actually , In a lot of 70 After or 80 In their eyes , I don't know a star like Li Lihua for a long time .

But in the entertainment history of Hong Kong and Taiwan , Li Lihua is the symbol and legend of an era , Her movies and her life experience , Are valuable resources in the film world .

Li Lihua was born in Shanghai , Her family is a famous Liyuan family , Father Li Guifang is a famous Shaoxing opera actor , Mother Zhang Shaoquan is also a famous actor .

That's why , Li Lihua has been gifted with art since childhood , And under the influence of parents , Grow slowly .

But because parents go everywhere to perform , The young Li Lihua also ran around with them , Beijing, Shanghai and other places are places they often visit .

Although the parents are Yueju Opera actors , But it was Peking opera that Li Lihua learned from her teacher , Once studied under the name of Mu Tiefen .

After that ,16 Li Lihua was lucky enough to enter the film company as an actor , The first film starring is 《 Three smiles 》, And got attention .

stay 40 The domestic film world in the S , Mainly centered on Shanghai , Although Li Lihua also has 《 A thousand miles to Jingniang 》《 Lingbo fairy 》《 Chunjiang regrets 》 And other excellent representative works .

But Zhou Xuan, her contemporaries 、 Shangguan Yunzhu et al , But it suppressed Li Lihua everywhere in art .

However , Li Lihua's talent and beauty will always shine ,1948 She went to Hong Kong to develop , He made many films , Step by step to the ranks of superstars .

Fate is just taking care of Li Lihua , In Zhou Xuan 、 After Shangguan Yunzhu and others left one after another , But she became the brightest star of that era .

( Li Lihua and Yan Jun )

1953 year , Li Lihua's film starring in Hong Kong 《 Little Phoenix 》 It was a success , In the film, her high collar cheongsam leads a fashion trend of Impatiens .

( Li Lihua's relationship with Hollywood )

1958 year , Li Lihua was invited to make movies in Hollywood 《 Flying tiger baby 》, This made her the first Chinese actress to make a film in Hollywood , Into historical legends .

Li Lihua's achievements in the mainland are not great , But in the film world of Hong Kong and Taiwan , Not only gained the love with director Yan Jun , He also won the best actress award of Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award twice , Strength behind the seal .

Li Lihua is affectionately called little sister MI in Hong Kong , She's in the movies 40 many years , filmed 140 Multiple films , A prolific actress .

Li Lihua also experienced ups and downs in the first half of her life , But the second half of life is happy to old , Compared with the tragedy of the fate of Zhou Xuan and others , Li Lihua is a lucky general .

2017 year 3 month , Li Lihua died , at the age of 93 year , It's an old birthday star in the film world .

And two years before she died , Both the Hong Kong Film Awards and the Taiwan Film Golden Horse Awards were awarded her lifetime achievement award , Is to give her the biggest affirmation .

Jackie Chan, a movie star who once worked with Li Lihua , As a teenager, she played her son , And therefore become a dry son , Jackie Chan has called her mother for decades .

( Li Lihua movie stills )

A generation of Superstars , Become the dream lover of countless people , It's not for no reason .

Flowers bloom and fall sometimes , Look back and see those old movies and stars , The light and heat they once sent , Always inspire future generations to move forward .


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