Two top Japanese stars played the best romantic film in 2021
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2021 The pure love film in was not completely destroyed , At least you can always believe in Kanda Jianghui .

《 A bouquet of love 》2021 year 1 After its release in Japan in June, it was highly praised .

In China, Douban also got 8.6 Impressive results .

Of course , All these achievements can't be attributed only to the actors .

For this world where even pure lovers no longer believe in pure love , Pure love movies that can really move people's hearts , Rely on highly qualified directors and screenwriters .

《 A bouquet of love 》 Our production team should not be underestimated .

Director Yutai Tsui , Directed the famous love suspense drama 《 quartet 》, Known as neon pure love “ Gold card ” Works .

Screenwriter Sakamoto Yuer , TV play 《 Tokyo love story 》 The writer , The ancestor of phenomenal pure love , Not much said , Understand everything .

God and God work together , Of course, you won't shoot earthly things .

《 A bouquet of love 》 By telling a pair of “ 100% Lily lovers ”, Love comes from meeting as a student , After entering the society, I gradually lost my love for five years , A complete story .

The hero Shan yinmai ( Jiantian Jianghui decoration ), A typical unrestrained male college student of literature and art .

His way of thinking is different from that of ordinary people , For example, he doesn't agree with the rules of the game of stone, scissors and paper , Cloth can beat stone .

“ The stone can easily pierce the cloth .”

What he likes is the spherical buildings everywhere in Japan , And photographed spherical buildings 3 An hour's documentary film .

Heroine Bagu silk ( There is a pure decoration of Murakami ), One who doesn't know mai , But the literary and artistic young women who live almost at the same pace as him .

She likes to see mummy exhibitions , Like to read comics , Like to listen to the band live performance .

It is important to , Silk also thinks , In the game of stone, scissors and paper , Stone can beat cloth .

And they both agree on one thing , That's the person who really loves music , You won't share a pair of headphones .

Because for real music lovers , There are two songs on the left and right channels .

Similar people are always connected with a slightly invisible red line , Fate will connect them .

On an ordinary night , Because I missed the last tram , Mai and Juan are in the same family 24 Met in a 24-hour pub .

Sitting opposite are two men and women who also delayed the last tram , Unlike wheat and silk , They are already working adults .

Then the film had its first climax : Guard the well .

An accidental night that can no longer be accidental , When the uncle in suit opposite , The movie I talked about with the well-dressed working women next to me was 《 Shawshank redemption 》, And the people sitting behind them are punctual .

All young people who love literary films and literary works , At this time, I can't help roaring : Still talking about shit 《 Shawshank redemption 》, please , You're sitting behind you, but you're guarding the well !

“ The great God is sitting behind you , But still talking about 《 Kiki delivery service 》 live-action , It's probably because of these talents that live action movies exist .”

That's all Mai feels .

It's a coincidence that , Next to the silk , I think so too .

One side is the sleek society talking about hot single commercial films , Even if you look back , Facing the big director sitting behind him , I don't even know my face .

On the one hand, there are two young people who are full of enthusiasm and awe for literary and artistic works , Seeing the guard of the well is like seeing the gods coming down to earth , It's hard to hide your excitement .

Like all human communication that exists because of contempt for the chain , Mai and Juan are guarding the well ,“ There is a long drought and a good rain ” Like an acquaintance .

When Mai and Juan find that each other's bookshelf is a replica of their own bookshelf .

The other party has their own exhibition tickets .

The love band is as like as two peas .

Even the bakery they often go to is the same .

In this doubt , Delighted , The moment of a lost thing coming back , They're in love .

It's like falling in love with another personality , Wheat and silk are like two stones that Nu Wa threw to mend the sky , Now it's finally patched together .

They watched a lengthy movie made by Mai in the rental house .

Eat baked rice balls together , Talk of everything under the sun .

I saw boring movies together at night , Just roll the sheets and have sex without looking back .

Then kiss each other's cheeks in a bathtub full of Bath Gel bubbles .

Mai's vacation depends on painting and odd jobs to make money , Although a painting has only 1000 Yen .

Silk will do casual work on days when she doesn't have class , Then 30 minutes' walk home from work , Join hands with Mike who came to pick him up to discuss new movies and comics .

They live together in a home with a balcony , And I found one called “ Baron ” My black cat , Snuggle up to each other every day to watch the sunrise and sunset .

I want to spend time with you , I'll fight you to the end ―― This is the loudest love Manifesto of Wenqing people .

However, life is not just poetry and distance , There are also those who need to pay rent, electricity and water .

As graduation approaches , The life of two bubble dreams is on the verge of breaking .

Mai's father stopped his living expenses , And Mai's owner not only didn't raise his royalties , Even turned the conditions into more excessive “ Three sheets 1000 Yen ”.

Silk also had to start taking an accounting certificate , Work in the company .

With the advent of busy real life , The two hearts are beginning to quarrel .

Mai gradually integrated into the busy social life , And Juan seems to be the little girl immersed in the world of literature and film .

Day after day , Two people no longer watch movies together , Play the game .

The cartoon that two people talked about in silk mouth once chased together , Mai also gradually forgot the plot .

When the relationship goes on to the fifth year , Mai and Juan broke up with each other .

The most tearful part of the film , Nothing is better than breaking up .

Mai kept emphasizing , I can always make money , Make more money , Let's not break up , marry me , Love is something that can be worn away , We can turn love into a habit .

But silk said , When are you going to lower your standards ?

When two people are silent , Behind him came a couple as young as they were five years ago .

They warmly exchanged secret gardens in each other's hearts , It's very much like the wheat and silk with the same elation in those days .

this “ cruel ” A scene of , Let two people finally can no longer tolerate and disguise , I can't help crying ――

I've seen the way we used to love , So I can't make do with .

The two young people who cheered for guarding the well that night , Seems to have been killed .

We have sold ourselves out too much , So now , Our love , When will you lower the standard for it ?

From two pairs of intimate white converse , To a big one and a small two pairs to pretend , Full of tired leather shoes .

People who once read the same comic book and shed tears together .

At last one of them had to pick up 《 The odds of life 》.

Society is a big black VAT .

I thought making money was to give you more long-term love , But when love meets these earthly dust , It's beyond recognition , Not worthy of love .

“ Propose to marry a lover who hasn't had sex for three months , What the hell does he think ?”

In the film , There are two paragraphs that echo , Lines full of metaphors .

“ Entering society is like soaking in a bathtub , I didn't want to go in at first , You'll feel very comfortable when you go in .”

“ One night, I was in the bathtub after work , Died suddenly because of drinking .”

The man who entered the bathtub was drowned , The fist didn't break the cloth in the end .

Love begins at the best moment , It's the countdown to the shelf life .

“ I want to keep the status quo with you .”

A love word when I fell in love , Now it has become the epitaph of love innocence .

《 A bouquet of love 》 With an almost dreamlike cruelty , Bit by bit, turn the love in youth into the details of life in adulthood , The painting is painful .

It will be countless young , Or people who are no longer young , The big pit of idealism and realism in my heart .

Some people are still struggling in the gap , Some people have been broken to pieces .

And love , It is the most difficult consumables for idealists to maintain .

《 A bouquet of love 》 Deeply analyzed 20 A generation of young people , When idealism meets real poverty , What you own “ unique ” Subculture color , The phenomenon of being destroyed and impacted .

In the end, it is to adhere to this self who is unwilling to compromise , Or bury yourself in the big bathtub of society , Shut up , When one “ Ordinary people ”?

《 A bouquet of love 》 It's nominally a love movie , In fact, it conveys more profound social problems .

Maybe some people drowned in this bathtub called reality , Ruin your love like mai .

But there will always be people like silk , Take root in this bathtub , Absorb water and nutrition , Try to blossom the ideal seeds into flowers .

But no matter what , There is no doubt about it :

The world needs literary and artistic youth , Also needed “ Bouquet like ” Love of .

Every literary and artistic youth , There is no need to “ Show yourself to be a literary and artistic youth ” I'm ashamed of it .

As for love , As Wang Xiaobo said :

“ Don't be afraid that everything beautiful will disappear , Let's let it exist first .”

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