The stars mourned the death of "Xie Dajiao", and it was the cast of "country love" that really got distracted
Tencent Entertainment 2021-08-09 19:08:40

8 month 9 Japan , Yu Yuexian, a famous film and television actor, died in a car accident , Years old 50 year , He was childless , It's heartbreaking , This news is for many 《 Rural love 》 For iron powder , It's bad news , Because after all “ Thank you ” Accompanied us all for more than ten years , She seems to have become a relative around us , Every year 《 Rural love 》 in , You can always see this wind and fire 、 A hot but kind-hearted woman , So her death also made many netizens say “ Never see again 《 Rural love 》”

“ Thank you ” This role seems to be tailor-made for Yu Yuexian , She is also so helpful in life 、 good , Her outspoken personality also made her gain countless friends , In the face of her sudden death , Many friends said it was hard to imagine , And many stars who have cooperated with her before have also expressed their condolences

She is Zhao Benshan's sister-in-law , It's what Zhao Benshan's disciples say “ mother's youngest sister-aunt ”, And Zhang Ziyi then dried out 3 Chat with Yu Yuexian years ago , What's more, it makes people cry , I didn't expect an elder like Yu Yuexian , He is so humble in front of Zhang Ziyi , More distressing

Although the stars' mourning for the Moon Fairy makes people cry , And the real distraction is 《 Rural love 》 The cast , Not only expressed condolences for the first time , It is simply to change the official microblog avatar to black and white , For an actor , It's a high standard of treatment

As Zhao Benshan's sister-in-law , Yu Yuexian never let herself do anything special , However, everything is first , Set an example for all actors , Not only are you demanding of yourself , I also take care of the actors in the play , That's why everyone was so sad after she left

Although she has no children , But she saw her off with countless audiences who liked her , And many friends mourned for him , Especially her “ Mother's family ”《 Rural love 》 The crew is even more distracted , This also shows her good popularity and good character

No matter what , The man is gone , I hope she is still happy in heaven , Dear aunt Bigfoot , All the way walk good !

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