Zhao Jinmai's "beginning" was not broadcast, the special series of killing youth was burned and restored, and the dark horse drama was scheduled
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The summer program really makes all kinds of high-quality dramas “ The fairy to fight ”,《 Song with Jun 》 After the broadcast ,《 Black storm 》、《 Dear parents 》、《 The ideal city 》 Then the scheduled broadcast , The audience is not worried about the shortage of drama . But throughout the current film and television industry , The theme tends to be idol drama 、 City play 、 Family ethics play 、 Costume dramas , But some of the audience's tastes are not satisfied !

Zhao this mai 《 start 》 Fire before sowing

In order to meet the market demand of the audience , In fact, the directors in the circle try their best to choose new scripts , After all, the subject matter is more and more novel , The easier it is for the audience to buy . Sure enough, a director's vision is ahead , I fell in love with infinite stream drama 《 start 》, Did you hear “ Infinite flow ” The label will shine in front of you ?

This time, let's seriously discuss “ Infinite flow ” Theme style 《 start 》, What is the charm of this play ?

(1) The plot is very novel

《 start 》 The story takes place on a bus , But an accident , The hero and heroine were killed . But when you wake up , The protagonist is on the bus again , Two people were constantly killed , But while looking for the truth 、 A murderous suspense play .

(2) The protagonist is popular

《 start 》 The plot is not generally attractive , Plus, the original novel is very popular , The fan base plate is very big ,《 start 》 I'm afraid it's on fire before sowing . in addition , The protagonists Zhao Jinmai and Bai Jingting are both popular actors , They have a good relationship with passers-by , There are two powerful factions to support popularity and heat ,《 start 》 I'm afraid it's unreasonable not to fire !

The special series of killing youth burns and restores

fortunately 《 start 》 After the extermination , There is still a lot of discussion about this infinite stream drama on the Internet . Not the kui is a “ Noon sun ” A play to be broadcast , The subject matter is novel , In addition, the production company is famous in the industry , There is no need to worry about the quality of Zhao Jinmai's suspense new play .

It's just “ Noon sun ” As a guarantee , But who really cares about 《 start 》 Kill special ?《 start 》 Is it a masterpiece , Let's have a look !

(1) Big production , The scene is real

《 start 》 The story revolves around a bus , So the background of the story focuses on the bus . It's just that the original novel involves the famous scene of the explosion , And at the scene , The director's blood money “ Blast ” The bus . Smoke billowed from the set , The whole picture looks particularly urgent , Everyone is right at once 《 start 》 I'm very interested in the positive !

(2) The special edition burns and restores

After any novel remake , Book fans pay special attention to the reduction of the play , such as 《 You are my glory 》, The crew restored everything one by one , The audience enjoyed the play very much . And fortunately 《 start 》 With 《 You are my glory 》 As a benchmark , The scene of the play is highly restored to the original famous scene , Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun were constantly killed , injured , But finally find out the real murderer , And in the film, they deduce it with action , Book fans should be happy !

《 start 》 It's a big production , The dark horse drama is booked

It is worth mentioning that ,《 start 》 The heroine Zhao Jinmai's acting is very good , She plays the role of college student Li Shiqing , Because Li Shiqing has been killed but resurrected , Therefore, Li Shiqing will have an emotional breakdown and tense play . But in the special , Li Shiqing's crying drama is particularly infectious , It can be seen from the side that Zhao Jinmai's acting skills have made great progress !

But in addition to praising the good plot , The female lead is good , We also want to praise the sincerity of the crew . although 《 start 》 Is the first crew to eat crabs , But the crew highly restored the novel , The scene is too real , No wonder people can't stop watching the special series . in addition , The noon sun always has ” Must produce high-quality products “ Rumors , So far, everyone has made a bet 《 start 》 It's a dark horse play !

Can only cherish 《 start 》 The crew has just finished , According to the general four month production cycle in the film and television industry , If the trial speed is fast ,《 start 》 It is expected to go online by the end of the year . But in general ,《 start 》 Have many innate advantages , The production team is strong 、 The protagonist is popular 、 The plot is novel , With the help of Liu Yijun ,《 start 》 Toto is booked for the dark horse play !

The above is the whole content of this article , Everyone to ” Infinite flow “ Are you interested in the subject matter ? Welcome to leave a message .

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