Fortress Besieged: neither Chinese men nor Chinese women have changed in the past 100 years
Oriental Infotainment 2021-08-09 19:01:02

These hundred years , China has changed a lot , There are many things that haven't changed .

China has experienced external humiliation and internal suffering , The revolution was reborn , Awakened the mind 、 Culture 、 science .

There is a new trend of thought 、 There are new fashions , But the temperament of men and women has never changed , from 《 A Town Besieged 》 You can see in .

《 A Town Besieged 》 It was written by Mr. Qian Zhongshu in 40 Novels of the s , It's about 20 From the age of 40 The story of the age .

1990 It was adapted into a TV play of the same name 《 A Town Besieged 》, By Chen Daoming 、 Ying Da 、 Ge You starred , Perform in a dramatic way 、 Comic jumping reappears 《 A Town Besieged 》 Spicy and ironic .

Fang Hongjian represents the vast majority of Chinese men , Regardless of any time .

Fang hung Chien was a besieged man , He is older than 、 Trapped in , Wandering and tangled inside and outside the wall all my life .

Trying to escape around the city , I want to rush in when I'm outside the city , His marriage is worth mentioning , Career or not , Life wish or not , Most of them .

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