IU is also one of the fans! This niche brand is both Korean casual and French romantic!
Oriental Infotainment 2021-08-09 19:00:59

Although Petite , but IU The body proportion is very good , And it's very fashionable , So in IU The items that have appeared on the body will become the goal that many girls want to start . except IU Deductive Gucci Out of the item , lately IU stay Ins Uploaded several recent photos , The bright red dress and blue cap The hat was found by sharp eyed fans to be from this Korean niche brand , Immediately make the brand a hot topic on the Internet !

This Korean brand is called And You, In addition to clothes 、 Dress 、 Denim collection 、 Outside casual clothes , And cloth bags 、 Accessories 、 Accessories, etc , Very diverse . Define And You In your style , It has the casual and simple feeling of Korean brand , It is also decorated with French romantic elements , French girls can be seen in many dresses .

except IU Outside , Many Korean actresses have worn And You Your piece , For example, Han Suxi 、 Li biblical 、RED VELVET Joy、 Jin Nali et al .And You My clothes have both casual style , But as long as it's well matched , You can also attend more formal occasions , For example IU Wearing a jumpsuit , Matching hats can be a casual look on weekdays , But with high heels and accessories , It can be a date look !

source :Geear Collector

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