Guo Wei and Tian Jing took wedding photos, put on a suit and wore a wedding dress. Netizen: Wei Wei is more confident
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Guo Wei and Tian Jing are a couple in the case of wrong exchange of life , It's not easy all the way , After many hardships, we have ushered in the happy life now .

Netizens who pay attention to the wrong exchange case should be able to understand that Guo Wei's childhood can be used “ Miserable ” These two words describe . After Guo Weigang was born, he was brought by Du Xinzhi to live in the countryside of Lankao County, Henan Province on the grounds of avoiding family planning . The living conditions at that time were very poor , Guo Wei's family of four can only squeeze into one house , Damp and muggy . It was torture for Guo Wei in his infancy .

As a teenager, Guo Wei didn't realize the happiness of childhood , Other children can go home after school and have a hot meal , But Guo Wei has to finish his homework outside before he can go home . At that time, Du Xinzhi ran a convenience store , Therefore, Guo Wei has to help his family sell boxed lunch , At the same time, we should also take care of the daily life of our sister with mental retardation . Take on family responsibilities at a young age .

As an adult, Guo Wei is not plain sailing in his work and life . Although Guo Wei has a glorious career J Work , But the salary is lower , Only a few thousand yuan , For the daily expenses of a family of four, the money is far from enough . And Guo Wei's newly married house, although Du Xinzhi is for himself “ buy ” Of , But not in his own name , After all, it's not your own house . If you use a word to describe Guo Wei , That's it “ poor and blank ”, The life of the Guo Wei family is very hard .

The initial exposure of the wrong exchange case was the most difficult period for the Guo Wei family , At that time, Guo Wei was attacked inside and outside . There is Du Xinzhi's obstruction inside , Stop him from meeting Xu Min . Externally, because he didn't recognize Xu Min, netizens thought Guo Wei was an ungrateful person . Work and life have been seriously affected .

Until Guo Wei and Xu Min officially met, netizens' online exposure to Guo Wei gradually disappeared , During the Dragon Boat Festival, Tian Jing prepared a table of food early and waited for Xu Min's arrival , The family celebrated Guo Wei's first birthday after the reunion , So far, Guo Wei has been recognized by netizens again .

Recently, a short video on Tian Jing's personal social platform has attracted the attention of netizens , The video shows Guo Wei in a suit , Tian Jing is wearing a wedding dress , Like a newly married couple . But Guo Wei wears a pair of sneakers on his feet , It doesn't match well with a suit .

See here, netizens sent questions , Didn't Tian Jing and Guo Wei get married long ago ? Both children have gone to school , Why do you still shoot videos of wearing suits and wedding dresses ? After careful observation, it was found that , It turns out that Guo Wei and Tian Jing didn't take the initiative to take wedding photos , But Tian Jing's brother Tian Xinhao is getting married , Tian Jing and Guo Wei just took this opportunity to relive their feelings when they got married . So it all makes sense .

After watching this video, some netizens commented that Weiwei is much more confident this year than last year , Love to laugh, too , Sure enough, the environment is very important . This year's Guo Wei is indeed more confident than last year's Guo Wei . The fundamental reason is that the life of the Guo Wei family is getting better and better , Do what things also have their own confidence .

The most important thing is that Guo Wei doesn't have to live under others anymore . The house I live in now is my own house , Everything is up to you . And there are real parents and two children with them , Now life has been very perfect .

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