William Blau's mql5 index and trading system. Part I: Indicators
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brief introduction

The first part of this article - <William Blau Of MQL5 Index and trading system . The first part : indicators >, It is a description of technical indicators and swing indicators , See William Blau In the following book  《 momentum 、 Direction and departure 》.

The technical indexes and swing indexes described in this paper , All as MQL5 Source code rendering in language , And attached to the archive "Blau_Indicators_MQL5_en.zip" in .

William Blau Key analysis concepts proposed

William Blau The technical analysis of consists of four stages :

  1. Using price series data (q column ) Calculate the indicators and draw them on the chart . The index does not reflect the overall trend of price changes , It is also not possible to determine the trend reversal point .
  2. Indicators will take advantage of EMA Method to smooth multiple times : for the first time ( The period is r)、 The second time ( The period is s), And the third time ( The period is u); A smooth indicator is drawn . The smoothing index is quite accurate , Will reproduce the price fluctuation with the least delay . It allows to determine the trend and reversal point of price change , And will eliminate price noise .
  3. Standardize the smoothing index , Then draw the standardized smoothing index . Standardization allows index values to be interpreted as overbought or oversold in the market .
  4. utilize EMA Methods the standardized smoothing index was smoothed once ( cycle ul); Construct a swing index - Add indicator post and signal line 、 Overbought and oversold levels in the market . Swing indicators allow us to distinguish between overbought markets / Oversold status 、 The reversal point and the end of the trend .


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