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“ The app store ” Convenience and advantages of


The app store Services provide an extremely rare opportunity for developers of analysis systems and transaction robots - Now? , Your program can reach the trader's terminal directly , And for all  MetaTrader 5  The user to use . in other words , Using the seller's identity , You can enter the huge market of potential customers , This simple technique will help you put your MQL5 The program is launched as a mass product .

The program can only be through MetaTrader 5 Client purchase . Every one MQL5 Programs are strictly related to a computer , And must be activated . for instance , After buying a Trading Robot , Its proprietary copy will be generated , And the copy can only be used on this associated computer . Even with this file , The intruder cannot run the program on another computer . This solution helps protect the interests of developers and their customers . Of “ The app store ” service

“ The app store ” All purchase items in , All with a MQL5 Accounts and specific computer associations . They do not depend on the type of brokerage firm or trading account .

stay “ Application market ” Any program published in the program , There is a free trial version , This version is available only on Policy test program Run in . The trial version cannot run in the terminal , Nor can it be used for trading . however , It allows before buying , Test the performance and efficiency of any application . The interests of developers are protected , At the same time, it avoids the impulse of users

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