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brief introduction

МetaТrader 5  There are three default price display tools available in the terminal (МetaТrader 4  Is the same ): column 、 Candle charts and lines . And in essence , They all embody the same content - Time chart . In addition to the traditional time-dependent price display method , There are also other non time related means quite common among investors and speculators .Renko And  Kagi  Chart 、 New ternary line and   Dot graph Chart .

I will not assert its advantages over traditional algorithms , Instead, put the time variable aside , Help traders focus on price variables . I suggest you combine the relevant chart algorithms here , Research point diagram , Look at the well-known market products used to generate such charts , And write a simple script to implement the algorithm . from Thomas J. Dorsey Written  《 Dot graph : Basic application of forecasting and tracking market prices 》 Will serve as our introductory book .

Bull's-Eye Broker( Bull eye broker )  Is the most popular software package for offline charting . The software can be tried 21 God ( There may be a large number of trial versions ), During the test, a new test version is provided . The package will be used to evaluate our script performance results . In terms of point graph , 

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