Why is mql5 app store the best place to sell transaction strategies and technical indicators
J519LEE 2021-08-09 18:59:04

We created  MQL5 The app store The main idea of , It's help EA Trading and metrics developers sell their products . This service is EA Transaction developers provide a network of thousands of potential customers 、 The formed market !

The problems of traders and developers

Let's put ourselves in the position of a trader who decides to buy a Trading Robot . Because there are no influential special websites , So the trader will use Internet search engines , Find a little-known website , There are a lot of procedures with questionable quality . and , There is probably no application that the trader really needs .

This situation , Whether it's for traders who want to find the required program in a vast number of websites , The same is true for application developers . To save some popularity , The latter often takes quite a long time to promote its website .

Besides , Both sides are also worried about unsafe sales . The trader will transfer the money to PayPal or Webmoney Account , And get the desired program from the website or via email . actually , The trader who buys the program does not know whether the program is good or bad . However , Developers are equally unprotected , Because buyers can publish program code on the Internet . therefore , The whole process is complicated for both buyers and sellers .

MQL5 What problems can the app store solve ?

In view of all the above shortcomings , We decided to create an app store service that can eliminate these problems .

MQL5 The app store is a unified place for selling transaction robots and indicators . Traders no longer have to look through a large number of websites to find trading applications 、 Waste your precious time . Developers can rest assured , Traders will be MQL5 Find their app in the app store . The risk has been reduced &#x

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