Lang Lang took his 12-year-old wife out and had a tacit understanding with him in half sleeves. It was clear at a glance whether he was in love or not
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Actually , No matter when , Dressing up only plays an auxiliary role . Just to better show the image charm and achieve the purpose of attracting people , So , In order to stand out more in terms of personal image charm , On the premise of comfort , It is most appropriate to show a fashionable sense of modeling .

The so-called casual fashion wear , It's very appropriate , And this way of wearing is more suitable for daily life , It is also a very simple and basic collocation , The charm is endless . therefore , You might as well refer to the star clothes , Look at how they choose casual and fashionable clothes to enhance their personal appeal and fashionable modeling !

“ brilliant ” A couple , Gina and Lang Lang wear black and white , Simple and atmospheric , Lang Lang takes Xiao 12 My wife went out , There is a tacit understanding to wear half sleeves together , Well, it's clear at a glance . Have to say , Gina and Lang Lang are quite low-key , Wear basic style pieces , It can also show the fashionable modeling charm , It's quite rare .

A choice of casual and fashionable clothes

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