Women with stomachs should give up "stuffed clothes"! It's fashionable and thin to wear like a Japanese magazine
Oriental Infotainment 2021-08-09 18:56:59

How much do you know about dressing skills , Follow Japanese acrobatics to get ! In fact, many little sisters have learned a lot of Dressing Tips in the previous content , Especially in high temperature seasons like spring and summer , With the lightweight and breathable clothing series , Shapes and styles are ever-changing .

But now the wearing skills on the market are basically the same , So for the sisters who have the problem of small belly , Recently, the preferred dressing techniques are only limited to “ Plug corner ” Within the scope of . But there are many ways to wear stuffed clothes , I'm a little tired of wearing , They urgently need to wear more special and cover their flesh , To highlight the personalized charm .

see , Xiaobian specially collected all kinds of daily necessities for you , The dressing techniques depicted in it do not include “ Plug corner ”, But it also has a particularly elegant and advanced feeling . Let's take a look !

One 、 Upgrade the dress in color matching , More upgraded texture

In the process of wearing , The first thing that catches the eye is the hue of various attributes . So in daily wear , Hue is also a great blessing for modeling .

1、 The same color system looks more simple

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