Don't dress disorderly in early autumn. Look at the "elegant collocation" of this 50 + Japanese housewife, which wins in minimalism and high grade
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Every woman has a blind obsession with age , Although now the society is advocating women's independence and dress freedom , But there are still many middle-aged women who are afraid of their hands and feet , I don't think I'm as beautiful as young people and have a good figure , Do whatever it takes to make yourself look young , But since , Force against time , It often makes the whole person look older .

Many middle-aged women ignore the most important point , That is to accept yourself 、 Enjoy the moment 、 Treat people peacefully 、 Pursue elegance . Build your own style according to your age , Don't need too much words , Elegant and atmospheric style will naturally set off the unique charm of middle-aged women . Don't dress up in the early autumn , Look at this 50+ Japanese housewives “ Elegant collocation ”, Win in minimalism or advanced ,3 A technique to make you beautiful , Come and see it quickly .

One 、 Less decoration , Heavy detail

The Japanese dress like the houses they live in , Follow the quiet style of returning to nature , The surface looks bleak and lonely , But the logs in the house 、 Rattan decoration 、 Linen handicrafts are incomparably exquisite , Let you feel the texture of life after returning to nature . Japanese women dress the same way , On the surface, the wind is light and the clouds are light , But the details are full of clues of connotation . The fashion blogger's charm in dressing is to focus on details , Create a fashionable .

A simple small round neck sleeveless shirt + Black 9-point straight pants , Simple atmosphere without losing lightness , The contrast between the extreme black and white house adds a layer of gentleness and elegance to her , It is quite different from the domineering European and American style . But the color is not this Look The most brilliant part , The ruffle decoration at the bottom of the coat adds flexibility and movement to the whole , Even if the style of the shirt itself is orthodox, gorgeous and serious , But the movement of the ruffles 、 But betrayed the middle-aged woman's desire to reduce age and elegance . The key point of simplicity rather than simplicity , It's these tiny details .

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