It's time to clean up the Internet! Cut leeks without a lower limit, lie down in the water and shout "come on" and watch all red cicadas
Tencent Entertainment 2021-08-09 18:53:18

Wu Yifan shocked the whole entertainment circle with his own strength , Joint rectification by multiple departments “ Rice circle culture ”, The entertainment stars began to tremble , It's not as lively as before . At present, the bad culture in the entertainment industry has been rectified , Preliminary results have been achieved , Many bad groups and topics have been closed .

In addition to the bad culture in the entertainment industry should be rectified , There is also a circle that should be straightened out , That's net red .

online celebrity , Often because of unusual actions or remarks , Most netizens aim to blog traffic , There are also a few net Reds full of positive energy , Such as Li Ziqi . In the eyes of many people , Wanghong seems to have become a derogatory word , Lift net red , There is a feeling of disgust , Why so far ?

Because of the influence of entertainment stars and online celebrities , Many people's ideas have changed , Especially today's children and young people .

Look at the bright appearance of stars and online celebrities , A free and beautiful life , Many children envy , They all want to become Internet Celebrities , Make a story , Do live delivery , You can make a lot of money easily .

One , Net red Simba has no lower limit to cut leek .

If on behalf of the live broadcast of the network red circle with goods , Simba is definitely “ A brother with goods ”, At the same time, he also has no limit to cut leeks , The representative of hype .

Recently Simba's former apprentice “ Fleshy ” There was a recording of Simba on the Internet . Simba said in the recording “ Burned 1200 ten thousand , Yes 6000 Taiwan mobile phone , cost 1700 ten thousand , Puff up 300 ten thousand , Sold again 4 Hundreds of millions of goods , Make a 1 $ , Bizao DP Make money ”, Simba said it himself , From this passage, we can see Simba's means of cutting leeks .

After the recording was spread , Simba's fans and family began to refute rumors for him , I think this paragraph is completely taken out of context , Simba doesn't mean that . Many fans said that when Simba said this, meat had not entered the Xinxuan , So this recording has ulterior motives , true , Fake Barbara , Maybe only Simba knows what this means .

Put aside this recording , It is also an open fact that Simba has no lower limit to cut leeks . In the bird's nest incident , because “ fleece the flock ” closed “ stupid tax " Beaten by Wang Hai , After many reversals , Simba finally won .

Although the bird's nest victory saved him some face , But in other ways “ fleece the flock ” Behavior still exists . Spend money on fans , Then from the fans “ fleece the flock ” It's Simba's most common practice , On the surface, fans get benefits , It's not .

In the process of cutting leeks , Simba's hype is also very skilled , Eye popping is visible to the naked eye , Like kicking his wife in the studio before , Put on stage “ Crying play ” etc. , It's all Simba hype , Eye popping methods .

Two , Live Ramen ,“ the monsters and freaks of all descriptions ” Rubbing flow .

Ramen brother because of a bowl 15 Ramen, which did not increase in price in, became popular , After Ramen brother is red , All kinds of netizens rushed to brother Ramen's house to rub the heat , On the surface, it supports Ramen brother , In fact, it's for live streaming , Hype for your own interests .

In the popularity of various live broadcasts , There are a lot of inactive online celebrities , Their live broadcast looks strange , All kinds of “ the monsters and freaks of all descriptions " There are , It gives full play to the eyeball . Because of the emergence of net red , The simple environment in front of brother Ramen's house has disappeared , Become a mess , It's intolerable .

3、 ... and , Net red lie in the water and shout “ come on. ”.

Except in front of brother Ramen's house , There are also some disgusting net popularity in the flood in Henan . A heavy rainstorm affects the hearts of the people all over the country , In order to get the victims out of the sea of suffering as soon as possible , The rescue team carried out rescue day and night , However, some netizens want to rub the traffic , Bo eyeball , Created a lot of fake disaster relief sites .

A few net Reds together , Someone is broadcasting live on shore , Someone pretended to save people in the ditch , What's more, he was lying in the water shouting “ come on. ”. Such a picture is very ironic , Even the heat of the disaster has to rub , Only use “ No lower limit " Three words to describe .

Four , Watch the whole red chan .

And the recent Olympic champion Quan hongchan , After the Tokyo Olympic Games became famous , This 14 Year old “ The king " Instant popular network , In addition to the major media competing to report , The online Red Army is also involved .

I haven't waited for Quan Hong Zen to return home , Many netizens have flocked to , Netizens came to her house to broadcast live , Clock in , Taking Photos . Quan hongchan wins glory for the country , We really should be proud of her , But while being proud, we should also pay attention to the way , You can encourage her in a variety of ways , Inspire her to make further efforts , Another peak , But this kind of onlooking without a lower limit is not good .

Some netizens make fun of , After Quan hongchan returned home, there was another one “ Tough battle ” To fight , This hard battle is the onlookers from all sides , I hope she can win the war , Don't be influenced by the current climate , Correct your attitude , Go ahead .

Cut leek without lower limit , Rub the heat , Bo eyeball , It's time to clean up the Internet . They don't spread positive energy , Just for your own benefit , The phenomenon of online popularity should be equated with the bad culture of the entertainment industry , We should completely eradicate this cancer as soon as possible , Also a fresh environment .

For net red all kinds of cut leeks , Live streaming traffic , Eye popping , What do you think ? Do you think this phenomenon should be rectified ? Please leave a message in the comment area below to discuss .

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