Sabine nigmaiti's chat records have been exposed! Birthday wishes were sent two days late, lying and laughing
Tencent Entertainment 2021-08-09 18:53:10

In recent days, , Nigmaiti blew up his chat with Sabine in the recorded program . Nigmaiti and the program staff broke the news that :” My birthday ,4 month 17 On his birthday, he 4 month 19 Send a message on the day saying happy birthday to you ”

Nigmaiti also revealed his answer to Sabine to the staff ,“ Then why don't you be two days late ?” Sabine replied :“ It should be tomorrow ?” The conversation between two people makes people laugh and cry .

In the video, Nigel Maiti finished chatting with Sabine , Cover your face with your hands , Make a wry smile , But I can see that he is still very happy that Sabine can remember his upcoming birthday .

And then , Sabin posted chat records with Sabin on his personal social platform , Restore the truth he said in the program . In the chat record, nigmaiti also said he would change his account , Then Sabine didn't know his mistake , Insist on sending it again the next day .

Sabine and negmaiti are both famous hosts of CCTV , Two people often fall in love and kill each other , Playing tricks on each other is very casual . Before, nigmaiti also shared his mud statue with Sabine on his personal social platform , Sabine's portrait is obviously much shorter , Netizens left a message in the comment area saying :“ It's not that short ”.

Not long ago, Sabine also said the embarrassing things of nigmaiti in the past , The two went to the variety show together because nigmaiti was climbing the steps , The crotch is open , The pink underwear leaked out . When he described it , Nigmaiti was on one side to cooperate , The picture is very interesting .

Nigmaiti and Sabine are not only funny and funny in their daily life , They also support each other , Give each other care and protection . Sabine couldn't help eating a lot of pasta , Xiao Ni on the side told him to eat less , Because he knows that Xiao Sa's stomach is bad .

The best friendship is not to fight with each other, but also to love each other , Sabine and ninggomaiti are like this , Such friendship is very enviable .

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